Top 5 Lines From Delonte’s KFC Freestyle

I realize that I should not necessarily be proud of this, but Delonte West’s freestyle inspired me to hit my local KFC drivethru on my way home from work today – well that, and the fact that I didn’t have any food in my fridge.  My trip was a bit different than Delonte’s though.  For one, I ordered at 6:20 and left at 6:27.  Probably didn’t take as long based on the fact that I only ordered the 2pc meal – a breast, wing, mashed potatos, and macaroni in case you were wondering.  And while I didn’t have enough time, or talent, to bust out a freestyle during my seven minute wait, I did decide to rank the top five lines from West’s. 

They are as follows, from 5 to 1:

Top 5 Lines from Delonte West’s KFC Freestyle:

5.  check my mug, check my swag, I got hot sauce, in my bag

4.  and the apple pies, macaroni, cheez…raspberry – what – ice tea

3.  spent about forty seven dolla…at the KFC you betta holla

2.  juice in my lap, in the lac, ridin back, cadillac, top hat, shades on, ridin on, chicken main

1.  I said baby girl, my name is Delonte…and I dont do, the valet – I do mickey d’s…any burger you want…with cheez

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