Umm…That Was It?

I can’t lie, I thought this whole thing would end in a Nike Commercial.  But after I saw the dunk at I realized why that will never happen.  Probably the most disappointed person out there right now is Jordan Crawford.  People had him figured for a young Shawn Kemp when he was doing his rounds on radio row.  I thought so too.  In my mind, this dunk – one worthy of Nike swooping in and allegedly burying the footage (or maybe using it as a commercial) – had to be some nasty John Starks over MJ type stuff.  Not so much though.  Not that Crawford was even trying to make it a big thing, he just had an open lane and finished strong.  When he dunked it,  LeBron just happened to be sliding over to the area.  Which begs the question of the day?  WTF?  Why did this tape not make it to the web immediately?  Did LeBron really direct Nike to pull it?  I am going to say that there is no way he did, and then cover my ears for the next week until this story goes away.  If it was pulled, it had to be some up and coming renegade Nike staffer that pulled the tape on his own, unbenownst to, and without the knowledge of, LeBron James in a feeble attempt to get into his good graces.  I hope.  Props to Crawford though, he had to pull a lot of tail on this story. 

Click here to see the Jordan Crawford – LeBron James Dunk at  The dunk is at the 33 second mark

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