Varejao Out, Villanueva In?

After reading about his team’s reported interest in signing the newly released free agent Power Forward Charlie Villanueva the Cavaliers current PF, Anderson Varejao, announced that he will be opting out of his deal with Cleveland to test the free agent market as well.  If by opting out he’s asking who do you want more, him or me? that answer is Villanueva…sorry Andy.  If your Danny Ferry, and you can get both these guys, I am all for it, but if you have to pick one, there’s no question you let Varejao walk in favor of Twitter’s favorite NBAer.

Facts and Figures:  

Charlie Villanueva’s salary last season was $3.4 million, and for the season, he averaged 16.2 points and 6.7 rebounds, in 27 minutes per game for the Bucks. 

Anderson Varejao was slated to make $6.2 million this year if he opted in. He averaged 8.6 points and 7.2 rebounds per game last season, while being the Cavaliers best interior defender.  

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I appreciate what Varejao did for the Cavaliers last season, and could do next year, but if he wants much more than the $6.2 mil he was slated to make this season, I’d tell him to go get that somewhere else.  While he does hustle, take charges, and rebound (at 7′ tall he doesn’t block shots which is kinda weird) he is only serviceable at best offensively, and downright frightening at times on an off-night.  His 8.6 points per game don’t quite do his ineffectiveness justice on the offensive end, because most nights teams leave him completely open all game long, helping off him in hopes to slow the other players on the floor down – no matter who’s in. 

More on Villanueva…

What Vilanueva can add is exactly what was missing from the Cavaliers in their attempts to match up with the Magic this past series.  A long and athletic perimeter player may have shifted the balance of the series in the Cavaliers favor.  Villanueva, for instance, could have possibly covered Rashard Lewis on the last second shots he hit against the Cavaliers former PF’s, Anderson Varejao and Ben Wallace respectively.  And while LeBron, Mo, Shaq, Delonte, and Z, will undoubtedly get their touches, I would be interested to see what Chuck V’s numbers would look like if those (27) minutes were extended into the (30) plus range.  He has a decent mid-range jumper, and shot it 35% from three this past season as well.  

As mentioned, if Ferry can sign them both great.  But if its not Cleveland that ends up signing Andy, I just hope the team that gets him, doesn’t do so after he gains an extra (30) pounds lounging on the shores of Brazil during the first half of the regular season like he did two years ago. 

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