Wednesday vs Wiz: Bullish and Bearish…

Below is a list of offerings from last night’s Cavaliers – Wizards preseason game that I was either Bullish or Bearish on…

Bullish: I like that the Wiz think they have a rivalry going with the Cavaliers…its comical

Bearish: I don’t like that said ‘rivalry’ reminds me a lot of what we think the Browns have going with the Steelers

Bullish: I have completely bought into the Cavaliers big man rotation (Shaq, Andy, Z, Hickson) and if they add Powe…

Bearish: The Cavaliers do not have a capable back-up PG on the roster (Daniel Gibson is still most capable…attention EARL BOYKINS!

Bullish: Big fan of Mike Miller rocking those LBJ kicks

Bearish: Not so much a fan of Mike Miller’s hair (did I hear the Cavs PA system playing Teenage Wasteland when he scored)

Bullish: To further my point about the frontline, I think Shaq looks real impressive thus far through camp

Bearish: Don’t like that he hasn’t glossed himself with nickname number 30 (Dennis Scott called him the Big Snowman on NBATV the other day, no word on if that is official)

Bullish: I like that Flip doesn’t let DeShawn Stevenson into the game until midway through the 2nd quarter

Bearish: Don’t like that DeShawn Stevenson is still in the NBA – he should go away and hide out with Jon Gosselin

Bullish: On that with only half the Cavalier team in uniform, the Wiz could only eeck out a win by a handful of points

Bearish: Worried some that LeBron, Mo, Jackson, and company missed the game with the flu…hope its just a case of swag and not swine

Brendan Bowers

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