Mike Brown, Shaq, and the Suns

Is it possible Mike Brown just didn’t feel like having a party the other night? 

Sure, he didn’t need to do Z like that, but before we press onto the Phoenix Suns tonight at the Q, lets look at the possible Mavericks pregame thought process from Coach Brown’s perspective:

1. His team was just embarrassed by the Charlotte Bobcats.
2. The Cavaliers were 11-5 after (16) with an ‘improved roster’ this season.
3. The Cavs were 13-3 last year.
4. Opponents FG% is up this year as opposed to last.
5. Opponents PPG is up this year as opposed to last.
6. Prior to Saturday, Shaq didn’t look like he was meshing all that well in the rotation.
7. Prior to Saturday, Delonte was kinda like a major elephant in the room type problem.

Oh and by the way, Z – the guy chose not to play – hasn’t really done much this year to prove that he can contribute.  Sorry.  So you’re Mike Brown, and you don’t feel like throwing a party in the beginning of a game you had to have.  Can’t say I blame the Coach for that.  And if the players wanted to give Z his do Saturday, well maybe they shouldn’t have all ‘not shown up’ against Charlotte on Friday.  If that had happened, maybe then they’re coach would have been in a more festive mood on Saturday.


Suns – Cavs Preview…Motivation for Shaq?

Thru 18 games last season – with Shaq O’Neal –  the Phoenix Suns were 11-7.  This year, without him, they are 14-4.  And as I mentioned eariler in the post, the Cavaliers are (2) games worse with Shaq than they were last year without him at this point in the NBA season.  Motivation for the ex-Shaqtus tonight?  Lets hope.

Probable Starting Line-up for the Suns Tonight:

Amare Stoudamire (19 ppg, 7 rpg)
Jason Richardson (17 ppg)
Steve Nash (16 ppg, 11 apg)
Channing Frye (12 ppg)
Grant Hill (12 ppg)

Off the bench Leandro Barbosa has averaged 11 ppg thus far, and Jared Dudley has averaged 9 points 4 boards per.

statistical reference: ESPN

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