What If They Don’t Make a Move

Since the Cavaliers got bounced by the MOP’s Magic crew the talk has been about who the Cavaliers were going to get.  Villanueva twittered his name into the rumor mill, then it was Slam Magazine offering us Rasheed Wallace, then Pro Basketball News said Mike Brown was going to get fired and we were going to get Riley, then Shaq, then nothing…and what if that’s who Cleveland signs this offseason.  Nobody.  I have to tell you, I hope that’s not the case, but its looking more and more possible.  I thought Szerbiak’s contract was supposed to be worth its weight in gold?  Couldn’t move that at the deadline.  And now Wallace has a contract everybody wants.  Everybody except the Nets apparently, because Richard Jefferson sure would have looked good in Wine and Gold if you ask me.  I am not saying they won’t make a move, I am just saying they are making me nervous.  Deals are being made.  Players are being dealt.  Picks are being swapped.  And so far Cleveland is sitting there a bizillion dollars over the luxury tax, not doing anything.  Maybe it will happen tomorrow night, whatever it is.

Brendan Bowers

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