LeBron’s on twitter, Toronto trade talk, and Byron Scott’s an oddsmaker

@KingJames:  Just before noon on Tuesday LeBron James’s twitter account was confirmed.  At the time, he had about 12,000 followers and zero tweets.  About four hours later he made his twitter debut, saying something about Chris Paul paying for his gas if he opened a twitter account, and by that time he had 80,000 followers.  By the time I then got to typing this he had about 130,000…a productive day in the world of social media.  From here, I imagine that number will continue to multiply by two every hour for as long as Tiger’s ex-wife remains a millionaire.  You can say what you want about Mr. James these days, but he’s nothing if not popular.  Especially because despite the attention his new-found account’s received, he’ll never say anything remotely interesting on it…unless of course he wants to use that forum for his “big announcement.”

Chris Bosh is over-rated:  Before I get to the Chris Bosh reports that everybody knows about by now, I gotta just say that I think Chris Bosh is the most over-rated player in all of basketball.  Look he’s good, I get it, a 20-10 guy to be sure, but how much of a “superstar” could the guy really be if he couldn’t manage to get his team into the playoffs – in the Eastern Conference of all places – in either of the last two seasons.  The Milwaukee Bucks were in the playoffs this past season.  The Detroit Pistons were in the playoffs two years ago.  Wade had less around him in Miami than Bosh did in Toronto and he led the Heat to a 5-seed.  In the last two seasons Bosh’s Raptors have a combined record of 73-91, and in his time as a Raptor he lead his organization to 3 playoff wins – total – never getting out of the first round.  And before you say his teams were awful, please remind yourself of the active line-up that Brandon Jennings had around him en-route to leading his Bucks team to three playoff wins this past season against the #3 seed in the East.  All that said, would I be glad to see him in Wine and Gold?  Of course, but he’s not coming, and I’m not really all that shook up about it.

CB4 Sign and Trade Possibilities:  Tuesday started off with the report of Toronto supposedly telling the Cavaliers that “they will do a sign-and-trade with them for Bosh, according to several league sources.”  Chris Broussard broke that news, and he went on to say that Bosh was reportedly “cold to the idea of playing in Cleveland.”  As the day went on, rumors continued to swirl as many “pundits” interpreted “cold to the idea” to mean it would have to be a “cold day in h—” before Chris Bosh ever decided to go to Cleveland.  Maybe they were right, because by 6pm, for all intents and purposes, the story was essentially declared dead by Adrian Wojnarowski when he tweeted: Cavs officials are confident of two things now, multiple sources say: Chris Bosh won’t play for them next season, but LeBron James will. Bosh has long made it clear that he doesn’t want to play in Cleveland, and LeBron knew it was a longshot to sell him on it. Cavs understand there are still looming threats to pry LeBron, but getting Bosh isn’t make or break on keeping LBJ.”  Great news about LeBron there I guess, if you can even get excited by “news” at this point, but I can’t help but look at this and be puzzled by what it is that motivates Chris Bosh.  He doesn’t win, and seemingly doesn’t want to team up with LeBron – in Cleveland at least – for a great opportunity to win, and he’s also okay – for the moment – to leave $30 million on the table, just so he doesn’t have to come to Cleveland.  I know its not Vegas around here, but its not that bad.

LeBron James holds 2010 Skills Academy

Photo Credit: Chuck Crow, The Plain Dealer

Damon Jones on the scene:
  When I talked to Damon Jones a few months back he told me he was in the midst of making an NBA comeback.  While he was out of the country, and in some ways out of sight / out of mind in NBA circles for the most part this past year, he jumped back on the scene in a lot of ways today by rolling shot-gun in LeBron’s truck en-route to an appearance at the most famous skills camp in the history of basketball.  There’s worse ways to remind people you’re on the comeback trail I’d imagine.  Jones worked out with Romeo Travis, Chris Paul, Christian Eyenga, and LeBron James as well as others down in Akron earlier today.  I don’t think he’s on twitter yet either for whatever that’s worth, but I’m thinking he should be.

Barbosa for West and Moon:  I’d be for this move if I was the Cavaliers, but I wouldn’t be as excited about acquiring the talents of Barbosa as I would have been three years ago.  Which is probably why he wasn’t on the block three years ago, and also probably why he’s on the block now.  Barbosa only played in 44 games last season, started 5, and averaged under 10 points per game.  For his career he averages under three assists per game, and just over 12 points per game.  His numbers have gone down in each of the last three seasons since he averaged 18 points and 4 assists per game during the 06-07 campaign, but he always has been a consistent spark of sorts off the bench.  I’d hope to get more in a package that included the expiring $500,000 contract of Delonte West, but at the end of the day if the Barbosa for Moon and West trade was all that was out there, I’d say the move makes you marginally better.  I wouldn’t be able to wear that Goosey shirt I bought anymore though, and there is that, but what are you going to do.

So you’re saying there’s a 15-25% chance he’s leaving:  I don’t know if Byron Scott was intending to make Cavaliers’ fans feel better by saying there’s a 75-85% chance LeBron will stay with the Cavaliers when he was on ESPN 710 Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon, but I couldn’t help but read that the other way.  Maybe the most ridiculous thing to ever put odds on is trying to handi-cap LeBron’s decision, but I’ll nevertheless offer my thoughts on the ridiculous since we’re talking about it.  On Saturday, I thought there was about a 99% chance LeBron would re-sign.  This morning, I was thinking 90%, and now Byron Scott – one of those famous guys “with sources close to the situation” says it’s more like seventy-five.  I don’t know what to think anymore…so I guess I’ll just follow LeBron’s tweets and stare at his new blank website until the end of the week to get a better idea of what’s going to happen, whenever it does. 

(Update: LeBron’s will announce his decision on ESPN, Thursday, at 9pm…hang in there until then Cavs fans).

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