The sky has officially fallen…and Cavs fall w/ it 94-85

Look, there’s a lot to say here, and now with the 2010 season officially in the books, we’re going to have plenty of time to talk about it.  Thing is, I just got back from my walk down the street which started when the Cavaliers decided they’d call it a day with 1:20 left to play, and just let that thing run out in order to rest up for next year.  I mean, if its not that big a deal to them, right?  Oh, scratch that last line from the record, that’s not where I really feel like going with this.  No energy for rants.  No energy for stats, no energy for critique of the substitution patterns, and no need for me to document the times I wondered aloud how we must have called timeout six times while I was in the kitchen because it looks like we don’t have any left either.  And also, no need to LeBash tonight.  Sure, he had the ball down four and dribbled off his foot only to have Rajon score late, and sure, he turned it over about 15 or so times after that as well.  But rebounding’s most definetely about effort, and he grabbed about 20 of them.  Best game ever as a Cavalier for ‘Bron ‘Bron?  Naw…not really even close, though he did notch another postseason triple double that flirted with 30+ points.  But, while it wasn’t his best effort, it wasn’t his worst either.  I thought he competed tonight, genuinely, and that’s all you can ask for I guess.  But while I said I wouldn’t rant, I do have to ask Antawn Jamison how he let Donyell Marshall steal his body? 

 I mean, Tawn….now I understand completely why you’ve never won in the Association…clear as those shots you launched were from ever finding the bottom of the net tonight.  We thought Mo Williams was bad last season in the playoffs…move over Maurice, let Antawn wear that for a while…yikes bro.  But that Jamison thing, that’s on me…I thought Antawn Jamison was the missing piece, believed it as much as I thought they’d win it all this season.  Only it turns out he was just one more piece of this Cavaliers puzzle to turn up missing when he was needed the most.  Shouts out to Maurice for the first half though, and appreciate your energy Andy.  Its been a nice career Big Z, and LeBron….well, you just keep us posted big dog.  Love to have you back man, you have a bit of unfinished business to tend to here I’d say, that interest you?  Plenty more later…and by plenty more, I mean, well, I don’t even want to think about it right now.  And as far as you go Mike B?  Well, I did my best for you Coach.  And I think you played the cards you were dealt the best you could too…tougher hand than most would admit I’d say…but I’d also say you should get that resume ready.  And don’t worry Mike, you’ll get a head job somewhere else in the league next year I’d imagine, just time to move on buddy.  But before they try to tag you with this whole mess on your way out the door, I just wanted to say it wasn’t all your fault.  Just like we never saw this coming, I’m sure you watched these loosey Goosie guys all season and thought there’s no way they’d all play bad at the same time for the stretch of an entire playoff series.  Only they did, and nobody’s laughing anymore.  Well, except for Boston, but they’ve been laughing at us for years.  Hat tip Beantown, you went out and got it.  Rajon Rondo was the best player in the series, and KG had much more than I ever thought left in that tank.  In fact I thought Antawn would out play him, and I couldn’t have been more off.  It was a great run Cleveland, felt good for a minute there, maybe next year huh?  And to my good friend Rick over at WFNY, who I’ve joked with saying those guys might have to change that name of their top-notch blog sooner than later…well, touche’ gentlemen…couldn’t be a more appropriate title.  So until then Cleveland, we’ll wait once again for next year…just don’t watch Sportscenter for a while.  It’ll only make all this pain feel worse.  Myself here at this little blog, well, I’ll be back in a couple days, maybe a few…and we’ll talk more then.  But for now, goodnight Cleveland, and if you’re looking for the sky tomorrow…its over there on the ground.

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