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There were a few times this week that I wanted to jump on and write something but unfortunately the real world pulled me in directions away from this little blog over the past few days.  Next week is a new week though, and we expect to be posting more regularly then.  But before we get to next week, there were a few things I wanted to mention before the  weekend arrived.

First is in regards to David’s Eastern Conference Rankings that we posted Monday.  His rankings did create some conversation on the twittersphere, which is cool, but what’s not cool is that I didn’t reply to anybody who tweeted at me in response to the rankings.  Is that the appropriate verbage there by the way, ‘tweeted at me?’  In any case, the main question I seemed to get was about Milwaukee.  While I will say I agree 100% with David’s rankings as far as the teams he had slotted 1 thru 5, I would have personally had Milwaukee in there at 6.  The Cavs I would have also had at 8, as he did, and I would have had Charlotte at 7 (David had them at 6) with New York on the outside at 9 looking in.  Minor details, especially in August, but I just wanted to formally answer the tweets I left unchecked until yesterday.  My bad on that fellas.  

The second thing I wanted to mention was more like something I needed to confess.  I did think at one point this week: ‘maybe he was right about me being spoiled.’  The moment that hit me was when I was watching NBATV’s 2011 schedule show earlier this week.  When I ran through the Christmas Day slate of games, I did realize for the first time that I had begun to subconsciously include ‘the Cavaliers game’ as part of the Holiday tradition over the last few years.  I had grown so accustomed to stopping by the parents house, eating some food, passing out a couple presents, rifling through a few boxes of button up shirts, and then watching the Cavs game, that I didn’t even realize the ‘Cavs game’ element had ended when he left for Wade County.  I should have realized that, but I didn’t, until now.  So there is that…no more Cavs games on Christmas.  

Also in regards to the schedule, I did want to mention that I agree with Andrew and his take on WFNY with regards to the walk out idea on December 2nd when you know who comes to town.  Not twenty four hours after the decision was announced, the Stepien Rules email box was flooded with this proposed walk out idea.  I wasn’t sure I quite understood it’s intent and purpose then, but I did appreciate – and still do – the idea of solidarity amongst our fanbase in an effort like that.  That part’s cool, but I agree that walking out on the Cavs isn’t the way to go, and I also think that it kinda lets him off the hook while everybody’s out in the concourse. 

I did have another idea though for that game:  

I would like to see Dan Gilbert’s letter read over the PA system just prior to the players being announced that first time the Heat arrive in Cleveland.  While the letter is read, I’m thinking the corresponding comic sans text could be lighting up the jumbotron, with the guy that does the movie previews providing the vocals.  I’d also like the lights to be turned off, with a spotlight following LeBron’s ever facial expression and fingernail bite until we get all the way to the end of the written tirade.  This would by no means be professional, but I would find it funny.  He’d probably then go out and drop 50 on us in retaliation, but truth be told, he was probably going to drop 50 on us that night anyways.

I am not even going to touch on the letter he wrote to Akron though, because it’s a ridiculous mystery that I will never understand.  LeBron hates Cleveland, and he always has apparently, but besides just hating Cleveland, he likes to treat Cleveland like garbage.  The only thing I wonder is what that member of his camp that is from Cleveland, who grew up in Cleveland, played AAU basketball with me – in Cleveland – and went to a Cleveland high school thinks about LeBron doing his hometown the way he does it.  

But enough about LeBron already.  I really need to stop talking about this guy, and I really need Shaq to start.  Now that he is in Beantown – for the same contract dollars that Zyrdunas got to play the same position he’ll play in Miami – I’m thinking he might open up some.  And by thinking he might open up some, I mean I am really hoping he writes a tell-all book: Behind the Scenes with the 2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers to compensate the contract dollars he feels like he left on the table in signing for the minimum. 

All for now, have a great weekend…

Brendan Bowers

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