A Good Loss?

40 first quarter points given up.

14 turnovers compared to our opponents 7.

They had almost double the number of assists we had.

We had two guys tally 12 points or more – they had 5.

Yet going into the 4th quarter of last night’s game, we only trailed by one point. One. Having looked like we were in for a total blowout after one quarter, come two later we were in this game. Then we went cold, they went all Stella on us and got their groove back, and we went down. 0-3 since opening night isn’t what any of us had imagined, but being honest with yourself would you have taken 1-3 at season beginning? No, you wouldn’t have. I had us 3-1 if I’m being honest. I had us losing to Boston, beating Toronto, Sacaramento and Atlanta. Also, I had us having Mo for all 4 games, had us having Andy and ‘Tawn available also, so a lot of unaccounted variables have kicked in. It happens, NBA teams need to deal with it. We’re all men, all big enough to take the criticism and move on stronger. That’s what I hope happens to us. We have today and tomorrow to recoup and lick our wounds before we travel to the hapless 76ers Friday night. We also have the defensively inept Wizards the following night, but then again we’re not exactly watertight now are we? If you offered me 1-1 right now, I’d probably take it, because the four games after that are four games where I’d be extremely pissed/worried/scared/smoking-forty-a-day if we didn’t come away with three W’s. For the record, the four games after our back to back this weekend are @ New Jersey, then three homers against New Jersey, Indiana and Philadelphia. Don’t know about you, but I look at them three home games as three home games where we can exercise the demons of the past week by notching up three wins in front of the incredible Cavalier fans currently rocking the Q. You guys are an absolute inspiration to our Cavs, and fit the bill of 6th man perfectly.

They say in the face of adversity the brave shine through…let’s see how brightly we intend on shining these next seven days.

Around The League

If Kevin Garnett – one of my favourite players of all time – really did call Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient” then he should be banned from the NBA for a considerable time. I don’t mind people jawing at one another on the court, saying things about their Mom, criticising their performance, anything. Those things happen in sport – it’s a part we all enjoy, the trash talking. And there are none better than KG, none. But if what he’s accused of is actually true, then KG needs to shut the hell up and apologise. And apologise again, and keep his big mouth shut until further notice. Cancer is one of the toughest things in the world, and more important than anything that will ever occur on an NBA court. So for him to supposedly say that, I just don’t know.

Now, if Garnett didn’t say that – which I personally don’t think he did – then Charlie V has some ‘splainin to do. Garnett said his words were, “You are cancerous to your team and our league”. Still a bit harsh by KG, but it was in the midst of battle; we’ve all said things we shouldn’t have when playing sports. This is an ugly situation, one that could get very ugly very quickly. I just hope the truth comes out, but either way one of these guys is going to look rather silly when it does.

$60 million over the course of five years for one of the best centers in our league, who’s still improving and last season averaged 14 and 10 while shooting 55% and making the All Star game. Great news for Al Horford, maybe not so great news for Josh Smith, if you’re to believe the rumours.

Speaking of the Hawks, after one week of the NBA, would you have backed them to be the only unbeaten team in the East? You would have? Liar.

John Wall would win Dancing With The Stars, simple as.

Before I Go

Five games I’m interested in more than I really should be tonight and this weekend;

Oklahoma City @ LA Clippers. Three words, six syllables. Durant versus Griffin.

Chicago @ Boston. They don’t do average games, do they?

Houston @ San Antonio. I want to see DeJuan Blair out rebound Yao Ming despite being 3 feet smaller than him.

Boston @ Oklahoma City. Westbrook versus Rondo. Pierce versus Durant. Ibaka versus Garnett. Could be an instant classic.

Portland @ LA Fakers. The biggest obstacle to LA in the West. Oh wait, Greg Oden isn’t healthy.