A Great 48 Hours

Last week I mentioned that the Cavs had four games on the horizon that we should be looking at picking up four wins from four. Through two games, we’re 2-0, with a back to back against the Nets this Tuesday and Wednesday. This weekend was a particularly profitable weekend for yours truly, as a few of my friends – who I’ve converted to legit NBA followers over the last 18 months – had us losing both games on both nights. Now, my buddies aren’t the most knowledgeable when it comes to our beautiful game, but they do know some things. However, when asked why they fancied the 76ers over us, their response was basically that we suck and we’re on the road against a team with a few nice players. I laughed it off, and offered them the chance to cash in on it. They bit on it, and needless to say I came away with a nice little bundle of euros (we use them over here, not dollars). A few reasons why I think we took the W over the 76ers…

  • Andy, Mo and JJ – arguably our three best players – combined for 61 points, 23 rebounds and 9 assists. The 76ers big three of Holiday, Iguodala and Brand tallied 56 points, 6 boards and 13 assists. In a league now obsessed with “Big Three’s”, when ours outshine our opponents, we’ll win.
  • A Boobie (with an ie) Gibson fuelled 19-5 run in the fourth was H-U-G-E
  • I have no doubt in my mind that not having Iguodala was a massive setback, but it happens, you need to adjust and they didn’t
  • You can lose your superstar, your coach of the last 5 seasons, but only you can lose your will to fight and battle. Our Cavaliers have evidently chosen not only kept onto theirs, but are putting it on full display.

So that was Friday night, and waking up Saturday morning I knew for certain I’d get a text off one of the buddies whose money I had taken the night previous. About half an hour later, my phone went off and sure as it was one of them with a text, simply reading “double or quits?” in relation to our game against the Wizards that night. So I sent the other 6 guys a text asking them were they game, and they were. Game on. All day, I was showered with texts detailing how John Wall was going to do this and John Wall was going to do that. In the back of my mind I knew it was a possibility, but then I remembered that the Wizards frontline is absolutely abysmal. Regardless to say, confidence was high going into the game. To recap how it went right for us…

  • Washington’s entire bench scored 18 points. Gibson, playing the role of 6th Man of the Year again, had 19 on his own for us. I hate to say it again but, BBOOOOOOBBIIEEEEEE!!!!!
  • Ryan Hollins came out of hibernation and played 17 productive minutes.
  • Flip Saunders sat Al Thornton for most of the fourth, even though he was killing us. So on behalf of the Cavs nation, thank you Flip.
  • Mo Williams is getting back on track, which is nice
  • If three of our four guards can play as productive as they did against the Wiz, we’ll be alright for the remainder of the season

So, after two wins on the trot for the Cavs, I was sitting pretty on an even nicer bundle of euros, and our Cavs were back to .500. With two road wins, after scoring 230 points, after seeing Boobie and Mo get it going in a big way. From a Cavaliers perspective, and to a lesser extent my own one, weekends don’t come much better do they?

Around The League

What’s going on with the Thunder? The three games they’ve lost (at Utah, at LA Clippers and home to Boston) are three games any team could lose (maybe except the Clippers one) but they seem to have just fallen off the face of (ESPN) the planet? Westbrook and Durant can’t get it done alone every night, sometimes other guys will actually need to play for them to win.

Queue massive celebrations down in Houston, the Rockets have finally won! To be fair, look at what the Timberwolves starting five (outside of Love and Beasley) did last night. 12 points on 6-17 shooting, which was one point less and 12 shots more than what Yao did in that same game. Harrison Barnes will look good in a Minnesota uniform, right?

So, apparently the gap between LA and any other half decent team in the West is 25 points. They have a starting five that are just rolling right now, and always get great production from their reserves. No wonder people hate the Lakers, seriously.

Richard Jefferson is averaging 20 points on 65% shooting through five games. Maybe he did know what he was doing when he opted out of his last deal?

The Hornets are currently 6-0. They play two home games this week against the Clippers and Portland. The Lakers are sitting on a 7-0 record. Their next two games are home to Minnesota and away to Denver. My question to you is, of both teams, who stands the best chance of reaching Saturday night still undefeated?