Cavs wake up for fourth, lose 117-113

Somebody tell KG that the Cavaliers came to Boston without two of their top-7, took a nap for three quarters, got down by 22, and were a transition three-pointer away from winning a game that means just about as much as the Wine and Gold Scrimmage does to their playoff positioning.  Its not the 60-17 Cavaliers that are trying to move up from the 4-seed in the East by way of jumping the Atlanta Hawks for the third spot in the final weeks of the season, that’s KG’s squad.  And if it weren’t for himRay Allen’s 33 point effort today, they would have blown a 20+ point second half lead at home to a Cavs team that had it on snooze until Mike Brown got ejected down 22 in the third.  
NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Alarm Clock - Travel Style

Is the picture of the alarm clock a nice touch, or too much?  Regardless, the Cavaliers looked bored for three quarters of this game and I can honestly say I can’t blame them.  

The Cavaliers have the one-seed locked up, nothing left to prove in this regular season, and nothing left to accomplish.  Say they beat the Celtics today by 65, that matter?  I mean if they came in and played their best basketball of the season, would that mean they are surely now going to win the NBA title?  All the Cavaliers giving up 98 points in three quarters today really means is that they made the last quarter of basketball interesting and entertaining as I sorted through a bowl of candy searching for Reese’s eggs while watching LeBron on ‘attack mode.’

Which is my favorite LeBron mode by the way.  Its the way I’d use him if they still had Sega Dreamcast, because when he’s attacking, he’s impossible to stop.  Everyone knows that.  And everyone also knows that the shot he took at the end probably wasn’t the best available, nor was it most helpful that he missed all those free throws.  But there is no last second shot if he doesn’t go for 20 in the fourth quarter, and while I’ll agree it wasn’t the best ‘three to take,’ I’m okay with him taking ‘a three.’  If it was a playoff game, I’d be screaming for him to take that to the rack, but in the playoffs he probably would have.  On Easter Sunday however, with a few seconds to go, on the road, down two, going for the win by way of a transition three is fine by me…and had he not slipped, he might have made it.

Which brings me in some sort of transition back to KG…aka the Cavaliers new public enemy number one.  I’m cool with this beef that has seemed to developed between he and LeBron, I think LeBron feeds off that stuff, and if the Cavaliers see the Celtics in the playoffs, I think it will help in some respects.  Whether or not KG feeds of that stuff at this point in his career won’t really matter.  LeBron can go for 50…KG can get you 19 and 8 – which is what all that yapping got him today.  James finished with 42 – 7 – 9.

Mo Williams didn’t miss a shot today…6 of 6 from the field for 17 points…but his counterpart – Rando – had 14 assists, I’m not sure if that is directly related to why Mo didn’t see any burn in the fourth quarter or not, but Coach BrownCoach Malone didn’t look his direction in the final period.  Antawn Jamison made half his shots (5 of 10) to finish with 16 points and 10 rebounds, and JJ made half of his (6 of 12) to finish with 14 and 11, but offense wasn’t really the problem.  The decision to not defend was the difference in this one, and I think Mike Brown made his point by getting himself ejected.  It gives him something to talk to his 60 win team that is four games ahead of the Lakers for the best record overall in practice about now…well that and free throw shooting. 

Next up on Tuesday is a playoff preview of the 1 verses 8 match-up if the season would end where it currently stands when the Toronto Raptors come to the Q.

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