Buzzer Beaters, No-Calls, and a Bit of History

Cavs-Bulls – 2-1 Cavs:

Man, that was a tough beat Thursday night. I mean, we pretty much allowed the Bulls to have there way with us for 95% of the game; we then hit a little purple patch and actually got in front briefly. I’ve seen those kinda games before with us. I distinctly remember a game at the Q against Detroit when we trailed by 21 at one point. My buddy on a tip from me had the Cavs on a 6-team accumulator worth a nice bit of change. He was freaking out and all I’d say is just wait until the run. The run happened in the third, we got ahead and ended up winning comfortably. I thought that’s what was going down Thursday night, but not to be. There is no way on earth we lose game four, adjustments will be made and believe me, we’ll be going home to Cleveland 3-1.  Just a few things on Game Three here before I move on though: how wasn’t Noah called for that foul “boxing” out on LeBron on Andy’s FT late? As a team will we ever shoot over 80% from the charity stripe? Is Shaq still tired from Game One? Do we continue to let Rose get his and stop the rest of the Bulls? Questions no doubt that shall be answered Sunday…

Boston – Miami – 3-0 Boston:

You gotta feel for Dwyane Wade. Seriously. For the first time in this series backup arrived. He got 51 points form Beasley, Haslem, Wright and Chalmers. Most nights, that gets Miami the W. Not last night though as Paul Pierce canned a Goodbye-Enjoy-Your-Summer-Holidays buzzer beater to all but wrap up the series. While it was Wade’s bench backing him up, Pierce had his fellow starters firing all night. Ray Allen continued to torch the Miami defense, Garnett and Rondo added 33 between them. That’s the difference, Boston always always always has at least two guys go off every game, Miami has just one guy (a considerable, all-time one guy however) you know brings it every game, and after that it’s a crapshoot. Michael Beasley has disappointed me so much I’m refusing to acknowledge the fact he’s a pro. He gave a little cameo in the fourth, knocking down a few jumpers in a row, but he doesn’t do it often enough. I mean, here you have a guy that barring a Derrick Rose led Memphis team getting to the Championship game would have been taken first overall by the Bulls. Maybe that’s the way it should have been you know. Rose and Wade tearing it up, and Beasley being the primary option for the Bulls down low. But hey, you can’t change the past. Rose has made the Bulls relevant again while becoming a superduperstar; Michael Beasley seems content on merely cashing his check and living in Miami. That may be the biggest single shame going on in the Eastern Conference right now…


There was no other action in the East since I was on here last, but the ball gets rolling again today with Orlando in Charlotte and the Bucks heading to Dear Territory. I’m taking the Hawks over the Bucks, and I have belief that Charlotte fight back tonight with a home win over the Magic.


Out West, we had history being made as the OKC Under 18 team beat the Fakers to get within one in the series. Kevin Durant made me even more of a believer with an offensive and defensive effort that just smelled of Hall of Fame. 29 points, 19 boards and some major D on Kobe (LA is 0-4 in the playoffs when Kobe takes more than 10 3pt field goal attempts) led the Thunder past the Lakers. If the Thunder take Game Four, how nervy will LA be knowing the Thunder almost had Game Two in LA? The Suns looked incredible as a unit in Portland, Jason Richardson was unconscious while stroking down 8 three’s on his way to 42. Even though the shorthanded Blazers had five guys notch double-figures, they weren’t even close. The biggest let down of that game was the officials getting in the way of Stoudemire and Aldridge after Amare swung an elbow. Those two going at it wouldn’t look out of place at Wrestlemania.


Anybody else love the idea of Tony parker being the one coming off the bench instead of Manu? It worked last night for the Spurs as they beat Dirk Nowitzki to take a 2-1 series lead. I saw Dirk Nowitzki and not Dallas because, well, nobody else showed up for the Mavs last night did they? Poor ol’ German. The Mavs have under performed big time so far in this series, and if they’re not careful it just might have slipped away from them by the time they get home for Game Four. Another team letting me down in my playoff bracket is Denver. They are doing a terrible job of containing Boozer and Millsap inside, while their bench has failed to deliver. JR Smith and Ty Lawson are key pieces to what Denver as a team do; if they don’t get it done I don’t care how good Melo and Chauncey play, you ain’t getting past the Jazz.


With regards to the West this weekend, I’m taking the Thunder, Jazz and Spurs. I’m also aware of the fact that there’s a 42% chance I’m wrong with all three games…


Game Four Sunday Cavs Fans…Let’s get it done and end this thing.

Brendan Bowers

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