Brandon Jennings goes ‘goosey’

Brandon Jennings took the court Saturday night looking like Simon Phoenix from Demolition Man, and not only went for 25 and the win, but he also felt it necessary to go ‘goosey’ – as evidenced below at the 29 second mark.

Now, for me, if you’re gonna try to show the Cavs up with a dose of their own shimmy’s and shenanigans, you should probably do it when LeBron James isn’t in street clothes.  That said, even without LBJ active, there’s no way this could have gone over well in the Cavaliers locker room.  Especially not if you’re Mo Williams.

Mo looked like someone shot his dog last night in the post game interview, and maybe its more like someone shot his ‘goose.’  He did nothing to slow Jennings – the guy who’s subsequently replaced him in Milwaukee – all night, and he didn’t make the rookie work on the defensive end either.  And by the time he saw the guy he was guarding flash that goosey signal right past him over towards his bench, there wasn’t much he could do about that either.

In response to his performance on Saturday night, Mo Williams posted the following three tweets on his twitter account…

via @mogotti2:

I apologize to all my fans and Cavs fans for a shitty performance to say the least. I will get past this a get better, stay with me pls”

Woke up this morning, and I feel great. Mentally I’m strong. It’s hard for things to effect me. Thx to all my Twitter fam for all the love”

On to the next one, all black everythin”

Besides being a catchy twitter handle, I see no other reason for Mo Williams to refer to himself as a guy that once headed the organized crime underworld of New York City.  Meaning, he seems to me more like that nice friendly neighbor you have down the street than he does in any way resemble John Gotti.  That said, I think he’s a genuine guy who wouldn’t have tweeted that apology if he didn’t mean it.  I’m sure he’s sorry, and I’m sure he cares about the fans in Cleveland.  However, I do think its possible he might care a little too much.  I think he wants to be a guy that LeBron wants to play alongside of, and help bring a title to this town soo bad, that I think it sometimes rattles him.  Like it did last year in the ECF.  If I could post a tweet in response to Mo’s, that he would read, it would simply say this:

“You have game for days…just relax, and do your thing.  If you play your game, your tough to stop, and so are your Cavaliers.” 

And ps, I counted, its less than 140 characters, so it would work…just hope he hears me.

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