Bloguin NBA Power Rankings: New Years Day Edition

Updated 1-2-10: Also up are the December edition of the Bloguin MVP and ROY Rankings, ranking the MVP’s 1 thru 10 and the ROY’s 1 thru 5…for the record, I had LeBron #1 in the MVP race and Tyreke Evans #1 in the ROY rankings…to check out the tallied votes, and current rankings, go to Zach Harper’s site by clicking right here

Edition Four of the Bloguin NBA Power Rankings are up, and to check out the complete rankings as well as a collection of pointed and informed commentary, click here.

The top-3 according the votes tallied across the Bloguin nation reads like this:

t -1.)  Lakers
t -1.)  Boston
3.)     Cavaliers

My personal top-3 as submitted Tuesday night is as follows:

1.)  Lakers
2.)  Cavaliers
3.)  Boston

Shouts out to Dave for putting this together, nice work…to hype these rankings up go to the ballhype version of this post right here.

Happy New Year all around…here’s hoping for a great 2010 for everybody!

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