Cavs top power rankings, and an update on Z

The Cavaliers came out atop the latest Bloguin BlogPoll Power Rankings for the second straight time, and if you missed the complete rankings and commentary from the esteemed bloggers of this network, go here.

The primary reason the Cavs were able to maintain their top spot is due to the fact that LeBron is no longer forced to hang out with these guys pictured below…


The top-5 teams in the BlogPoll Power Rankings shook out like this: Cavs, Lakers, Nuggets, Magic, Boston.

My top-5, as submitted, included a re-organized version of those same teams: Cavs, Lakers, Magic, Nuggets, Boston.

The Mavericks, who arguably challenged the Cavaliers for making the best move at the trade deadline by adding DeShawn Stevenson Butler and Haywood finished 7th.  However, Cuban’s club has officially bowed out of the Zydrunas Ilgauskas sweepstakes…as reported by Marc Stein. 

The latest on the Zydrunas situation:

ESPN, Marc Stein:

Dallas Mavericks representatives declined formal comment Sunday, but one source briefed on the discussions told that Ilgauskas’ agent, Herb Rudoy, has informed the Mavericks that Ilgauskas intends to re-sign with the Cavaliers as soon as he’s eligible.”

Michael Reghi, on ESPN 850, indicated the same thing on Friday in that Z will re-sign with the Cavaliers in the coming weeks, and that’s obviously great news for Cleveland especially considering Shaq will be on the shelf (a big shelf) for an extended period of time with his most recent injury.  What could end up coming together perfectly though at the center position for the Cavs – with Shaq missing some time here and Z being allowed a 30-day break – is that the Cavs just might end up with two centers re-freshed and ready for the playoff run after some needed time off just before the playoffs get underway.  But while it certainly does look like Z will be coming home, its not a done deal yet, at least as far as George Karl and his Nuggets are concerned.   

From the same report:

Denver Nuggets coach George Karl told local reporters Sunday that he has not abandoned hope of convincing Zydrunas Ilgauskas to come to Denver…As Karl said Sunday before his team’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers: “I’m not giving up on that. … I did talk to him [Sunday]”…Karl, though, declined to reveal specifics about his phone chat with Ilgauskas.”

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