The “Wine & Gold Show” : Cavs/Celtics Game 6 Pregame Show : This Could Be The End! Or a step towards the title!

The “Wine & Gold Show” is going 2 hours today! This is it people. Game 6. WIN OR GO HOME!

We will start at 6pm ET and go all the way to tipoff. This could be our last show of the season and we want it to be a great one! And we can promise you this, we will NOT pull a LeBron on you guys and give a lackluster performance!

We will have CHRIS BALLARD from Sports Illustrated on the show. We will talk about his article on Shaquillie O’Neal, also the play of LeBron James and previews tonight’s Game 6 between the Cavaliers and Celtics. We will also take your phonecalls, Skype calls, and read your messages in the chat room!

CALL IN LINE: 216 759 9011 – CHAT ROOM BELOW – SKYPE: glenns.moore

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