Cavs closing in on Sessions

The days of four player blockbuster moves at the trade deadline, and off-season swaps for the Shaquille O’Neal’s of the world are over around here.  Also on hiatus are the types of  desperate to win now transactions that brought in the big contracts of guys like Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams as well, and you can count me as a guy who’s glad for that.  I think it’s healthy for this Cavaliers organization to have the opportunity to operate with some sense of normalcy and control over the direction they plan to take this team. 

There’s only so many big swings you can take, and if you continue to make moves for the sole purpose of convincing a guy who never wanted to be here in the first place to stick around a while longer, well you’ll end up right here.  That’s not to say that I didn’t personally applaud each and every move they made back when they made them, because I completely did, but it is more to say that right now I am looking for silver linings.  What do you want from me, I’m trying to be positive.

And while I am not positive that Ramon Sessions will be involved in this new direction of the Cavaliers, it does appear to be looking that way.  A major splash this wouldn’t be, but he could work out to be a solid piece, at a modest price.

From Brian Windhorst / Plain Dealer late Monday afternoon:

“According to multiple league sources, the Cavs have entered advanced talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves for guard Ramon Sessions. It is likely a deal will involve Delonte West, who has been shopped by the team for the last several months because his contract is not guaranteed for next season — which makes him an attractive asset. There is a chance there would be other players involved. One player the Cavs have had interest in is Timberwolves center Ryan Hollins.”

No word as of now on who those “other players involved” could be, beyond the three Windy reported on, so I’m just going to look at it now as Delonte for Sessions and Hollins.  What’s so ironic about this deal is if you went back about 365 days – pre-motorcycle ride – Cavs fans would be up in arms at the idea of trading Delonte West – period – let alone for Ramon Sessions and Ryan Hollins.  But things happen in life, and unfortunately the idea of dealing Delonte now is a move the Cavaliers have to probably make.

In regards to Sessions, he’s good I suppose.  He’s got a few years left on the 4-year $16 million contract he signed prior to last season, so he’s a manageable cap number with some upside.  As a player, I can’t say I’m too excited about him, but I would definetely say I’m intrigued.  I say that because I think his game could translate pretty well to the offense that Byron Scott is looking to run – getting up and down the floor – and he might look pretty good playing off Mo.  If he was added – assuming AP’s a Cavalier next season – he would be a compliment to Parker, or at least a different type of two-guard than he is, so that gives you some flexibility.

As far as Hollins, he is seven feet tall and the Cavaliers are down a few big men. Jury is very much out on Hollins, but who knows, maybe he could be a 10 and 7 guy or something along those lines.  But this deal really does revolve around Sessions – obviously – and I do think adding him to the group of Jamison – Mo – JJ – and Varejao (did you notice him doing the chalk toss up top btw?) could be an exciting line-up.  They would definitely be able to run, and Ramon and Mo are already boys from back with the Bucks, so maybe that will play out better than it sounds on paper.  We’ll keep our eye on updates as they come.

Back to Delonte though, I will miss the guy if he’s moved.  He played hard for the Cavaliers, and played big in two consecutive playoff runs (’07, ’08).  More than that though, he’s a good dude, and I hope if he happens to be dealt and subsequently waived, that he gets picked back up somewhere and plays the way we all know he can.

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