Cavs crush Wizards 121-98

Well, you couldn’t expect too much more than that out of the Wizards on a night like tonight.  Their team was already bad yesterday before Agent Double-O Zero decided to call David Stern out via the post game presser begging for a suspension, and once Washington’s leading scorer got his wish prior to tip-off tonight, a bad team became even worse one.  And the Cavaliers capitalized.


Luckily for Washington fans the bloggers that cover the Wizards are the exact opposite of the team they follow in that they do a consistently phenomenal job, which at least keeps it interesting.  We were lucky enough to have two of the best stop by tonight for the Wine and Gold Pregame Podcast – in  Kyle Weidie from Truth About It and Mike Prada from Bullets Forever – and we appreciate them breaking down all the goings on that currently surround Gilbert’s squad.  And after hearing their interviews with Glenn, I have to admit, the podcast was more interesting than the game.

Also, if you didn’t know by now, it was  Mo Williams bobblehead night tonight.  And while Mo Gotti only went for 7 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds, truth is, his bobblehead could have actually started tonight in place of him and the Cavaliers would have won anyways.  Shaq turned in possibly his best half of basketball to date as a Cavalier by scoring 16 of his 17 in the period, LeBron nearly triple doubled without trying (23-8-7), and Delonte West went for 14 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds in just under 25 minutes of action.  This all lead to the Cavaliers scoring 121 points as a team which was a season high, despite not getting a point from Daniel Gibson. Coming off a couple DNP’s, Daniel played 9 minutes on the day rumors surfaced everywhere that he was getting engaged to Keisha Cole. Congrats by the way Boobie, I’ll keep my eye out for the save the date.  For the Wizardsin hopefully a Cavaliers audition?Antawn Jamison went for 26.  I’d really like to see the Cavaliers find a way to get Jamison on the cheap, more on that later.  The only disappointing news of the night was that Fog Raw did not perform at halftime, kind of a bummer.

Next up for the Cavaliers are the Denver Nuggets – in Denver – on Friday night…

And one hour prior to tip-off, be sure to stop back for the Wine and Gold Pregame Podcast, streaming live before each and every Cavs game.

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