Cavs Downed By The Magic 3 Ball

Cavs v Orlando

1.      Free Throws again – you can’t leave ten points slip when you’re battling against a top team

2.      If Mo Williams had played the final three quarters like he had the first (14 points) things might have been different

3.      You cannot allow two teams on two separate occasions to come to your home building and break records for three pointers made

4.      If Anderson Varejao were wearing a Magic uniform last night, God only knows how big the final margin would have been

5.      Coach Scott: “JJ, 5,000 made free throws in practice today or you don’t go home”, JJ: “Guess that’s what I get for going 1-7 when my team needed those points last night”

To sum up folks, we just didn’t have the firepower to match Orlando. Not many teams will if they continue on that form (19 THREE POINTERS IN ON GAME!!!), but our guys did well. We were in this right upto the fourth, when for some reason the defensive tenacity and back-busting effort of the previous 36 minutes disappeared. You can put it down to free throws, maybe Mo going scoreless for three quarters, or maybe we can look at it realistically – we’re not on the same level as the Magic anymore, we’re not the same team that last year was 22-8, we’re 8-23 and propping up the Eastern conference. Does that mean we should quit and give in on the season? Does that mean we should dig out or Number 23 jerseys, wear them while cradling a baseball cap that reads “2007 Eastern Conference Champions”? Does it mean we should abandon the Cavs and hope they get lucky in the Draft? If ya answered “Yes” to any of the above – get the hell of my blog and don’t come back. Character is built in the face of adversity. We may not win 30 games this year but I guarantee our guys will put it all on the line trying to do so. And believe it or not non-Cavs fans reading this, we’re not all that far away from turning some of them L’s in W’s. it’ll just take time, patience and effort…from everybody involved.


Jawad Williams

4 points and 33% from the field in 15 minutes on a team that’s struggling for offense and needed help in a bad way. A team that he could have carved out a career form himself with had he just got it going, but no, quite the opposite. I’m not 100% positive on this, but I’m pretty sure that Brendan almost wet himself when it was announced that he got cut the other day. Brendan made his feelings pretty clear, as did Kirk. To Jawad – whom I sincerely hope we don’t see back – I bid farewell, it’s been frustrating. PS – Just a gut feeling, but there’s a move coming…

Contraction Talk

He can’t keep his mouth shut really can he? Why the hell does he feel it’s his business to comment on the Timberwolves? Or the Nets? Or any other NBA team for the matter? Keep your mouth shut; try winning something instead of making headlines with that hole underneath your nose. The win in LA on Christmas Day should be the only type of headline making concerning you; let the guys that actually have a say determine anything that might ever need to be determined regarding contraction. Not everyone wants to run off and play with their buddies; some people actually embrace being the man without seeking help to do so.


Just a quick peep in on how things are going since that blockbuster deal occurred; the Magic have played seven games with their new guys, losing three and winning four. The three losses have been against Philadelphia (without the new guys), Atlanta and Dallas. The three wins include an unmerciful beatdown of the Spurs, a come from behind win against the Celtics, a blowout against the Nets and just last night at the Q. The Suns have played four games, beating the Thunder and losing to the Spurs without the new guys logging minutes, while losing to the Heat and Clippers with the new guys seeing action also. Safe to say that right now, Orlando may have just been the winners in that trade!

Speaking of trades in the NBA, our Cavs should be ringing up Denver and asking them how the Melo drama is playing out. Let’s try get in on the action to nab a player or two, or even better numerous picks. Let’s say the Nuggets want to strike a deal with New York, but also fancy Varejao (remember people, pure hypothetical stuff here) in a Denver uniform. What’s stopping us from getting on the action by taking on a little more salary than we should but also obtaining guys like Anthony Randolph, Landry Fields (I know he starts in New York but if giving him up meant getting Melo than I’m sure they’d pack his bags for him), Aaron Aflalo or even JR Smith. Sure it’s a far fetched idea, but at least it’s an idea. I’ve no doubt our head office have a plan for our future – but the future starts now folks.

College Talk

Chris Singelton may or may not declare for the draft. We may or may not get a high pick this year. Regardless, I’m looking for us to seriously push hard if and when he gets out of Florida State. Any guy who gets a triple double in college is pretty good, when it’s done in the points/rebounds/steals way then the kids a star. Make sure you catch his effort against Duke on January 12th where we’ll see how good this kid actually is against elite competition. I’m expecting big things that night…

Jared Sullinger will be a top-3 pick next summer unless any of the following tsix things happen;

–         He retires

–         He gets hurt

–         He dunks the ball in his own net in the Championship Final against Duke in the last second to hand Duke the title, then lifts off his Ohio State uniform to show the world his Coach K tattoo that covers his entire upper body

–         He turns into Jawad Williams

–         He does a DeJuan Blair and blows out both ACL’s scaring off every GM across the league

–         Rumour gets around that apparently he’s Renardo Sidney’s BFF

None of the above happens, kids a lock for an early call next June from Mr. Stern.

Jordan Hamilton is for real, said it last year and I’ll say it again this year. Kid’s a talent, an NBA-level talent that will be a real good pro, I’m thinking Lamar Odom/Rashard Lewis type kinda guy. Wait, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing?

Which will have the more telling affect this year – Josh Selby’s presence, or Kyrie Irving’s absence?

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