Cavs Fans: just relax and enjoy the ride

Look, I know its Cleveland, and I know we’re nervous.  I know there’s no way the Indians shouldn’t have won a World Series in the 90’s, no way Elway should have lead the Broncos all the way down the field in the 80s, and if you asked me last May, there’s no way I would have told you the Cavaliers weren’t going to win the NBA title a year ago.  But this Cavaliers team – that we’re all watching right now – is better than all that, and they just might not let you down this time.  So go ahead and fall backwards like you did at your company retreat last summer, they’ll catch you.  They are hands down the best team in the NBA.  They have far and away the best player in the game, and from 1 to 12, there is no team close to being as deep. So, for now, I say put the trade talk on the back burner for a minute and just appreciate what it is we’re watching.  You may never see any team like this again, not in this town at least.

Take tonight’s 102-86 win over the Heat for example.  Daniel Gibson, a guy that doesn’t even see the floor when the team’s at full strength, all he does is miss the entire first half, show up at halftime, and score a dozen points before he leaves, giving Boobie seven straight games now in double figures.  And the truth is, this team’s so deep, that when Mo and Delonte get back he’s probably back to sitting beside Darnell Jackson on the bench every night.  Then there’s JJ Hickson.  A frustrating guy at times to be sure, however not lately.  He tomahawked in the face of Dwayne Wade tonight – that was for you Andy – and scored 12 points hitting the double digit mark for the second game in a row, and that’s only two games removed from going for 23 against Minnesota.  Then there’s the Shaq-a-lier.  If you hadn’t been keeping track at home, Shaq’s 13 and 8 tonight gives him ten straight games in double figure points.  Last time the Big Fella didn’t go for double digits was January 14th in Utah, and tonight, he did it in 21 minutes of work – less than half the game for all non-math majors.  But saying all that, LeBron James has been better.


And what I mean by better, is noticeably better than he was last season.  How many people can actually say that they thought that possible – after watching LeBron win the MVP last season – that he could come back this time around and be a markedly better player?  Because he is. 

And that’s ridiculous, scary, and I don’t even want to try to use anymore words to try to describe it.  He went for 36-7-8 tonight as compared to Dwayne Wade’s 24-3-9.  And while we’re talking about those two, how about that debate from a few years back: who’s better, Wade or LeBron?  That’s over right?  And no disrespect to the third best player in the NBA, but LeBron’s better, and its not even close anymore.  And sure I know, Wade’s supporting cast is pretty weak.  But so was the supporting cast LeBron took to the Finals, and if you take those two guys – LeBron and Wade – off those two teams respectively – Cavs finals team, Heat this year – which squad’s better?  Topic for another day I guess. For now, lets just enjoy the win.

Brendan Bowers

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