Cavs History: Bobby Sura

In 1995 the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Bobby Sura 17th overall out of Florida State.  He would go on to play five seasons in Cleveland, averaging 8 points per game as a Cavalier.  His best season as a Cav was the 1999-00 campaign which saw Sura post averages of 14 points and 4 rebounds per, thru 73 games.   

He would then go on to make stops in Golden State, Toronto, Detroit, and Atlanta before finishing up his 10-years in the Association playing for the Houston Rockets during the 04-05 season. 

The Bobby Sura mixtape, featuring those Cavs jerseys they need to rock on throwback night this season, is below.  

Please note B-Sura raising the roof at the 2:20 mark after an emphatic jam…enjoy.

(as a heads up, there’s a couple bad words in the soundtrack, so earmuffs kids)

via YouTube – RocketsAriza

A hip injury that forced Sura to retire cut his career short by a few years.  He averaged 10 points a game for the Rockets during that last season, and probably could have kept doing his thing a while longer if not for the injury. 

Sura may not be a Cavs legend, but he did compete in both the 3-point shoot out as well as the dunk contest, which is pretty cool.  What’s also cool about Sura, that most Cavs fans might not know, is that he always came back to Cleveland during the offseasons long after he was traded to play on Earl Boykins’ summer league team at the Lakewood Y.

So shouts out to Bobby Sura, hope everything’s good with you B.

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