Cavs HQ in game chat tonight

I’ll be joining’s Michael Curry over at CavsHQ for his live-game blog tonight, and if you’re in the neighborhood, stop on by.  We’ll be kicking things off at 8pm, right after our boy Scott breaks things down on the FSO pregame show at 7:30.  Be sure to check Scott out, drop a couple votes, and then stop by Cavs HQ for the in game chat during the Cavaliers – Hornets game tonight.  Lots to talk about!

Game Reset:  Cavs 105 – Hornets 92

Cavs move to 57-15 overall

Home record:  31-4

Road record:  26-11

Point differential:  +7.5

cliff notes:  Z returned, LeBron scored 38, Andy hustled, Hickson scored 20, Cavs dominate….look for more on tonight’s game in the morning…

*  Magic number to clinch the East is 4 games

*  Next up, San Antonio on Friday

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