Cavs – Nuggets Live Game Chat…as Cavs lose in OT

If you have a chance, drop into the Cavs Live Game Chat at tonight with me, Mike from Cavs HQ, Dan Labbe from, and Cavs fans worldwide. 

Postgame Update:

Cavs fall to Nuggets 118-116

The Cavaliers won 13-straight games with Zydrunas Ilgauskas wearing Wine and Gold and now he’s gone, and they lose.  Coincidence?  Correct, none whatsoever.  Truth is you had to kinda had to see this loss coming a bit.  Coming off the All Star break, with all the excitement of adding Sebastain Telfair  Antawn Jamison going on, it had to be harder than other nights to come out focused, and to be so for a team that could very well win the Western Conference.  Sure the Nuggets will probably end up losing out the Lakers, but they’re definetely a team that’s a contender, and the Cavs did not come out prepared to play a team like that tonight.  And there’s a lot of other reasons why in addition to the ones I mentioned: Mo’s first game back, working Delonte back in, Mike Brown’s anxiety attack of how to work Jamison into the rotation even without Jamison in uniform, as well as 16 bricks from three-point land and a dagger shot by ‘Melo, and that’s what you get, the 12th loss of the year.

As far as that anixiety attack, allow me to clarify.  I’m a guy that’s defended Mike Brown consistently on this site, however, here’s what I didn’t like seeing tonight.  Number one, you have a guy like Jamario Moon on your team to match up with teams like the Nuggets.  If there is a team in the league he matches up best with its the Nuggets.  And he didn’t play.  At all.  I would have liked to see him in over Anthony Parker late, and I don’t see how he doesn’t help on the glass (where the Cavs were out-rebounded by 4), as well as against a guy like J.R. Smith for example (who scored 14). 

Additionally, I would have liked to see Delonte in down the stretch in the stead of Daniel Gibson.  Now Gibson didn’t play horrible, but to me, Delonte’s a better match-up and a better option on the floor late in a game like we had tonight.  And as far as the overall rotation, it looked as weird as it has all season, and I don’t understand why.  The only guy not there was Z, and he only played 20 minutes a night anyways.  It shouldn’t have been that difficult, and it almost looked like Mike Brown was somehow practicing on working Jamison into the rotation tonight before he ever wore his uniform..

As far as LeBron’s night, he came out looking like he’d have one of his worst games of the season.  In fact, he was having one of his worst halves, shooting 6 of 15 at one point, and then ended up with a triple double of monster proportions: 43-13-15.  I’m amazed at how he does that.  He’s so good, he plays half the game subpar for his standards, and then ends up statistically with one of the best all around games of anybody in the NBA all season.  Although he did go 1 of 9 from three, and those eight misses hurt.  If he hits any one of them, the Cavs probably win.  But he missed, then ‘Melo didn’t, then he slipped, then Cleveland lost.  I’m not too shook up about it though, and neither should you be.  The Cavs did have all those issues tonight, and they still lost in OT to the second best team in the West…see, there’s lots of ways to look at things.

8 – Man Wine & Gold Podcast…Antawn Jamison Edition:

If you missed it, Glenn Moore – my co-host for the Wine & Gold Podcast – lined up six other Cavaliers bloggers/writers and we exchanged our thoughts last night actually minutes after the Jamison deal was done during this super-podcast edition of the W&G show. 

To check out the podcast, click on the link below:

8 – Man Wine & Gold Podcast – Antawn Jamison Edition

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