Thoughts on Cavs 111-95 preseason win over 76ers

Eight Cavaliers reached double figures in their win down in Cincy over the Sixers Tuesday night, and if Jamario Moon would’ve dropped one more through the bucket he’d have made nine.  That’s good offense my friends, and that starts at the top.  Byron Scott came in billed as a guy that can coach offense, and early – I mean early – indications are that his squad is picking up what he’s putting down. 

The fact that everybody on the team is buying in and actually trying to be a part of a collective organized offensive attack helps too I suppose.  Guys just seem to have a better chance of scoring 12 (Jawad Williams) or 15 (Daniel Gibson) in 20 or 25 minutes off the bench when they have an idea of what everybody else is doing on the court.  It’s gotta be tough, I’d imagine, to enter a game and try to figure out how you can best compliment a guy who is pounding the ball into the court repeatedly, in contrast to the offensive game plan discussed all week long at practice.  In any offense, even one not as good as Byron Scott’s, that might be challenging in some ways…but I digress.

Cleveland Cavaliers beat Charlotte Bobcats, 87-72, in first preseason game

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Two guys who seem born to thrive in this B-Scott Uptempo Princeton attack are J.J. Hickson and Boob-y Gibson.  Twenty-two and eleven for the kid Hickson who spent all summer long extending his offensive arsenal out near 20 feet from the cup.  Nice work J.J.  If Hickson can step out and hit a couple of those from 17 or 18 routinely, and make bigs come out there and respect that, well he might just end up averaging around the point totals he hit for tonight.  He looked comfortable handling the basketball in transition when he had to as well, and looked even better finishing up at the rim on those lobs from Maurice.

Gibson looked as good as he’s played in his career on Tuesday too – 9 assists to go along with those 15 points – with a ZERO in the TO column. Preseason game, preseason game, deep breathe.  But he still looked good.  And he looked that way coming off a season where he didn’t offer too many on the court moments when he looked otherwise too.  He probably earned more minutes than he actually got last season, and he’s about to get those minutes in bunches this year.  Here’s hoping Gibson can keep it up.

I wasn’t too impressed with my guy Sessions (12 points on 4 of 10) tonight – though I liked AC’s new line: “Court is in Sessions” on that dunk he had – but I’m not too worried about him.  I think he’ll be fine.  A guy I was worried about did impress me tonight though, and that was Ryan Hollins.  He’s a big that looks like he can run the floor, and he finished a couple pretty strong in transition on his way to 10 points.  He’ll need to be more active on the glass though, and prove that 10 points a game is something he can sustain for the season.  It was also good to see both Andy (11 rebounds) and Mo (sans headband) healthy enough to make their first preseason starts productive ones as well, looks like they should be healthy enough in a week or so.  No Antawn Jamison tonight though, but no worries there, he’ll be okay. 

Cavs looked good tonight all the way around, hopefully that means something.  One more to go and we’ll begin to find out for real.  For the moment though, I’m encouraged.

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