LeBron meets with Cavs, and predicting the Bulls whiff

I didn’t get a chance to make it down to the IMG building this morning, but in following the internet reports – like this video from Will Burge and ESPN Cleveland – I can’t help but think about how truly telling the significance of LeBron’s camp to hold these meetings in Cleveland appears to be.  I mean, if you are literally leaning towards leaving, you leave for these meetings.  But he didn’t leave, and I can’t help but think the reason he didn’t is because he’s not.  Shouts out to the fans that showed their support this morning, and great job all around by the various Cleveland area media outlets for their coverage of these meetings the last few days.  And if you haven’t seen it, check out this video to get a better idea of the goings on this morning…highlighted by LeBron James borrowing my Mercedes for his arrival around the 3:20 mark: 


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Inside the meeting room:  About as close as anyone’s going to get to actually being inside these meetings over the last few days is to follow along with Brian Windhorst’s twitter account.  As far as what’s been reported on the Cavs’ meeting, Brian offered the following tweets earlier this afternoon:

Report on Cavs presentation:  Sources say Cavs showed LeBron a custom cartoon they created with James & his friends as characters that referenced many inside jokes.  Was done in Family Guy style, which is one of James’ favorite shows. Also Byron Scott gave a presentation about playing style.  I’m not sure if it will work, but anyone that knows LeBron knows he loves cartoons, inside jokes and cheap laughs.  Cavs do know him.”

New General Manager Chris Grant’s reaction:Chris Grant said it was a good meeting and they had fun. Said he thought it was great LeBron held meetings in Cleveland.”

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On The Bulls, D-Wade, and A Free Agency Prediction:  The hot rumor last night was that Dwayne Wade had “two meetings” with the Chicago Bulls over the last few days and that the idea of LeBron joining D-Wade – if it were to happen – wouldn’t be in Miami, but would be in Chicago.  That’s not happening, and I’ll go one step further with that, I say the Bulls strike out completely.  No sources, just a hunch. 

It would only make sense for this crazy unprecedented frenzy to end in a way that nobody saw coming, and with the Bulls being everybody’s “sexy pick” (I hate that saying btw) to land these top-line free agents, and I think they end up going Russell Branyan when the dust settles.  I think Wade only met with the Bulls “twice” because he saw the publicity circus that surrounded James’ courting period and he wanted to grab a piece of that shine too.  Wasn’t it just a  few weeks ago that Wade publicly spoke about the Bulls and their lack of loyalty to the players in their organization?  He needed to meet “twice” to get generate a significant buzz of his own amidst the chaos, and if I was him, I’d have done the same thing too.  No press is bad press right? 

But anyways, as of now it looks like the Knicks will land Amare’, seems like Joe Johnson’s staying home, I gotta think Chris Bosh is signing in Miami, and that then will be enough to keep Wade in South Beach as well.  Dirk’s staying in Dallas, Pierce is staying in Boston, and at the end of the day, John Paxson and the Bulls will end up signing the same guy that ruined his brother Jim’s career here in Cleveland when they’re forced to ink Carlos Boozer to a deal because all of their other “targets” are gone.  Which includes LeBron James as well, because he’s staying home too…deal with it.

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