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Editor’s note: Dave Wooley is a statistical guru who’s works include a detailed history of CWRU football stats, both team and individual.  He is also a contributer here at Stepien Rules, and part two of his ‘Cavs Stats of the Week Series’ is below.  For part one, click here.  

Comparing some significant stats in Wins/Losses:


Team PPG: 105.2

LeBron PPG: 29.4
LeBron APG: 8.83
LeBron 3ptFGA/G: 4.75
Players other than LeBron PPG: 75.8
LeBron FG%: .510
LeBron FGA/G: 19.4
Players other than LeBron FG%: .502
Players other than LeBron FGA/G: 57.9
Team PPG: 94.1
LeBron PPG: 31.3
LeBron APG: 7.64
LeBron 3ptFGA/G: 6.71
Players other than LeBron PPG: 62.8
LeBron FG%: .486
LeBron FGA/G: 22.2
Players other than LeBron FG%: .419
Players other than LeBron FGA/G: 56.3
What this tells me:  LeBron will trust his teammates almost to a fault.  In losses they are still getting the same amount of opportunities, but the are converting at a 10% lower rate.  LeBron gets frustrated and will begin hiking up more three point attempts (2 more per game in losses).  We all know LeBron will show up, but the question becomes, will his teammates?  It will be interesting to see how the addition of Antawn Jamison affects these stats.

Cavs Statistical History:
*  With 14 minutes played vs the Pistons tonight, LeBron will pass Big Z for the Cavs record for Career Minutes Played.  It was going to happen this year, but with the trade it will happen sooner rather than later.
*  With the win last Friday vs. Toronto, the Cavs broke their team record for most wins over a 2 year period with 112.  Previously they had won 111 in the 1991-92 (57)/1992-93 (54) seasons as well as the 2007-08 (45)/2008-09 (66) seasons.
*  Magic Number for clinching the Central Division Title is down to 6.  I know this isn’t a huge deal as sights are set much higher, but it still will only be the 3rd Division Title in Franchise History and thus worth noting.
Scoring Title Update: 
LeBron James
Current: 62 games, 1850 points, 29.84 PPG (-0.09 PPG change)
Last week: 3 games, 84 points, 28.0 PPG
Previous: 59 games, 1766 points, 29.93 PPG
Kevin Durant
Current: 60 games, 1779 points, 29.65 PPG (-0.12 PPG change)
Last Week: 4 games, 112 points, 28.0 PPG
Previous: 56 games, 1667 points, 29.77 PPG
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