A couple podcasts, as Cavs prep for Jazz…then lose to Jazz 101-90

The Cavs welcome the Jazz tonight in a few, and below is link to a podcast I jumped into on Sunday with good folks from the Utah Jazz BlogIt’s a quality podcast as always from those guys, and a great primer for tonight’s game.  Click – here – to listen…I join them talking all things Cleveland Cavaliers at the 11 minute mark.  

I also had a chance to join Adam Copeland of The Exiled Clevelander Podcast as well on Saturday afternoon (prior to beating the Knicks).  Adam talks Brownies to open the show, and I joined him at the mark talking Cavs at the 9:30 mark.  That link is also here.

I may weigh in on tonight’s Cavs / Jazz game later.  If I do, those words can be found in this same blog entry.  If I don’t, you won’t be able to find those words anywhere. 

Regardless though, let’s get that streak out to two tonight, fellas.

Cavs lose 101-90…not much to say here, though I did rattle off a few more paragraphs than I thought I would:

Not that I blame Byron Scott for making the move, but all that really happens when you insert Antawn Jamison and Daniel Gibson into this Cavaliers starting five is you delay the inevitable. 

This group (w/ those two guys) who have started the last few games isn’t too bad.  They started off tonight playing well together too earlier.  Moving the ball, keeping it close, giving it the proverbial college try for a half.  Only thing is these guys are about 10 to 15 years removed from college on average, and they ran out of gas by the 3rd Q. 

Don’t think Byron Scott didn’t know they would, and then did, run out of gas either.  He knows that.  He also knows he’s got nobody else worth putting in at this point, which makes the decision quite simple really.  Put your arm down out there fellas, just keep playing. I’m leaving you all in so stop asking for a breather.

Which is the reason a guy who shoots it as woefully as Antawn Jamison did tonight just kept playing, and just kept chucking.  He came up short on 12 jumpers through his forty one minutes of action tonight – after going for 40+ on Saturday – and he looked it.  He seemed notably gassed to me by the 2nd quarter, and his old tired knees just didn’t have enough lift to give that thing a chance to get up over that rim.  He did get five through though (of 17 tries) and finished with 13.

But while he didn’t help Cleveland win tonight, he wasn’t the sole reason they lost.  Mo missed 10 of his 15 shots too, did finish with 15 points and 10 assists though, and he didn’t help them win either tonight. But to blame either one of those guys for the loss would be to scapegoat the worthless bench players that all but sealed the Cavs fate before the game even started.

Two guys helped Daniel Gibson (team high 29 tonight w/ 7 threes) and company in the scoring column tonight who didn’t start.  Two. 

Those two scored 12 points combined.  CJ Miles outscored the Cavaliers bench by 10 points tonight himself.  JJ Hickson scored 10 of those 12, showed some signs of a life which was somewhat encouraging but not really all that encouraging, and Ramon Sessions converted the other hoop.  On a drive to the basket, of course, but a hoop nonetheless, to round out the reserve unit’s attack this evening.

Jawad Williams played about 8 minutes and scored 0 points, though he did have a turnover.  Jamario Moon missed two shots in that same amount of time and committed a foul.  Manny and Samardo got in for the last 38 seconds.

Cavs have lost 11 of last 12.  Okay, moving on, next game please.

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