D-Day Arrives

At 9pm ET Thursday (but who’s really counting?) the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers will be announced to the world. Finally, after twenty-four months of speculation, it will end. For better or for worse…and speaking of for better or worse…



If he does indeed do the unthinkable and bolt, where does that not only leave us but also the rest of the NBA?  Does he go to New York and play for the run-and-gun Knicks with their recently acquired All Star power-forward?  I don’t really think he will, because let’s be honest, after Amare what do you have?  Joe Johnson, a guy I thought would be the first to sign in the Big Apple, is apparently staying in Atlanta.  David Lee will almost certainly leave – thus alienating some of the loyaler (word?) Knicks fans who adore the white guy who plays hard.  Danilo Gallinari doesn’t have star attraction; neither does anybody else on (what’s left of) their roster.  So for all intents and purposes, I think New York is out of the equation…


Miami?  Really?  To a team where the alpha male will always be Dwyane Wade?  To a team that after handing out three max deals (if he goes) will have to fill its roster by adding rookies, vets or anybody who’ll play for seven dollars a night?  Would they instantly become the best trio in the NBA?  Without doubt.  Would they be contenders immediately?  Yep, check that box.  Would you fancy them over the Lakers? Thought so.  But besides all that, LeBron isn’t leaving over $40 million on the table – which he’d have to – to play in Miami.  I just don’t see it.


Chicago is a dark horse to me in the sense that the roster in place right now – Carlos “Screw You Cleveland” Boozer and all – is a LeBron away from being the best around.  I’ll say it; if he ends up in Chicago, the Bulls instantly become favorites, hands down, undeniably.  But for a guy who wants to be a pioneer, a trendsetter and the greatest of all time, why go there?  Like I’ve said before, he is already living in Jordan’s shadow now, could you imagine it if he went to Chicago?  You’d get guys turning their noses up at him putting up 48 points, 12 rebounds and 16 assists because he didn’t have a cold, like Mike.  He’d win five championships but that still wouldn’t cut it.  LeBron doesn’t need that kinda hassle; he needs to do the following…

He needs to stay put.  He needs to be where he knows what he’ll get every day.  He needs stability, he needs Cleveland. Screw your extra money, that doesn’t factor right now.  Let’s talk basketball.  Is the team around LeBron right now good enough to win a lot?  Yes – and you know it is.  Is the team LeBron has around him now plus an addition or two during the upcoming weeks good enough to win it all?  Depends on who those guys are.  Depends on who we let go in possible trades.  There are so many variables its crazy, it’s mind-boggling.  Let’s say we do use Delonte and his favorable deal, along with Andy or JJ.  Heck, let’s consider using Z under the premise that he promises to retire, adding extra value to our deal.  What is that good enough to land us?  I’m looking at two spots – center and shooting guard.  Mike Miller, Brad Miller and Brendan Haywood have all been mentioned, but those guys are free agents, that’s a straight bidding war. There are teams out there over the tax threshold, and our cap-relieving offer mentioned above is enticing in the right circumstance.  Do I believe the Brain Trust of our organization will make the moves necessary this summer?  100% yes.  Starting tomorrow night, when the King announces he’s not moving his Kingdom.  After that, just wait for it.  I’m going out on the limb right now by saying that the Cavs will make a move this summer (not including the Bron one) that’s going to have teams all over silently muttering, “Uh oh” to themselves.  I know it, I sense it.


Starting tomorrow night, the pieces that will soon formulate a Cavalier dynasty shall begin to fall into place…you just watch.

Brendan Bowers

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