Cavs Stat of the Day

If LBJ stays over 50% FG he will be the 3rd person in NBA history to finish the season with 25+ PPG, .500+ FG% and 8+ APG.

That group would then include:

LeBron James (2009-10): 29.8 PPG, .502 FG%, 8.5 APG

Michael Jordan (1988-89): 32.5 PPG, .538 FG%, 8.0 APG

and the guy who did it twice…

Oscar Robertson (1969-70): 25.3 PPG, .511 FG%, 8.1 APG

Oscar Robertson (1962-63): 28.5 PPG, .518 FG%, 9.5 APG

Editor’s note: Dave Wooley is a statistical guru who’s works include a detailed history of CWRU football stats, both team and individual.  Look for more from Dave in the future as the ‘Cavs Stat of the Day’ series continues.

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