First Impressions

Editor’s note here folks – the following was typed up commencing the night of Tuesday the 26th, and was finally finished, beautifully may I add, Friday the 29th of October. I’m basically capturing a few NBA days at a time with this because of the following reasons; Didn’t have enough time either of the nights to type up one whole article, didn’t have enough ammo for one decent article (Note: now I have enough ammo for one mediocre article!) and work is riding me harder than any human being deserves, thus leaving me mentally and emotionally spent. But it’s Friday, it’s the start of my weekend, so it’s basketball time!!! We’ll start off with Tuesday night’s action, and inevitably with the Miami/Boston matchup…

Tuesday, 26th October

What’s funnier Cavs fans – the fact that the Heat tallied 30 points in the entire first half, or that some bar in Miami had to buy everyone’s drinks due to them promising to cover the tab when the Heat lose? I’m going to go with the 30 first half points, namely because the drinks cost around $4,000, give or take, and isn’t something every NBA fan smiled about. The Miami Heat, the super heroes of the modern NBA, scoring a mere 30 points in 24 minutes of play…priceless.

Only one of LeBron’s teamates reached double figures in scoring, while the four other starters combined for 26 points on 9-31 shooting. Just saying.

The Miami Heat as a team had 15 assists. Rajon Rondo, as one member of the Celtics, had 17. He’s going to be incredible.

Something else I need your opinion on Cavs fans, the fact that the Heat were minus 17 with Bosh on the floor, or the fact they were plus 17 with Z out there? Which tickles you more?

Looks like Nic Batum’s finally got it. And Hedo Turkoglu has almost certainly lost it.

You cannot describe how good Steve Nash is without mentioning the words “evergreen”, “one of a kind” and “did you know he’s white?”

If I’m Portland, and my three frontcourt players (Aldridge, Batum and Camby) grab me 30 boards a night, without my seven-foot center, I’m doing cartwheels in a state of jubilation.

How close was Houston to snatching an upset? I’ve underestimated them I think. I’ve underestimated Luis Scola. I forgot how unplayable at times Martin and Brooks can be. I forgot that even against the Lakers and their size they can still win the rebounding battle 53-44. I forgot how good a free throw shooting team they are (26-28). I forgot al those things, saw them play LA, saw Kobe shoot 8-20, saw Fisher shoot 1-7, saw Artest shoot 3-15, and saw LA still get it done. There’s a reason they’re hunting a three-peat. But the story here for me was Hosuton, if they keep Yao fit they’re going to have a big say come June.

Wednesday, 27th October

The less said about the Nets/Pistons game the better I guess? Only plus was rumours surrounding Charlie Villanueva and him being alive or not were shot down, he’s still around.

Number 6 formerly of number 23 has 17 turnovers in 2 games.

Speaking of number 2, second pick in the 2010 NBA Draft Evan Turner had a very respectable pro debut – 16 points, 4 dimes and 7 boards. If Jrue Holiday and Spencer Hawes didn’t suck, the Heat could have been 0-2.

Amir Johnson, monster extension in the summer, goes out and gives you 2 points, 1 rebound and 4 fouls in 13 minutes.

Looks like Chris Paul is fully fit anyways.

If I’m Minnesota, and I lose to a Tyreke Evans-less Sacramento team, I’m getting worried. If I’m Sacramento, I’m ecstatic. You get a good night from Cousins and Landry inside, while Garcia and Udrih were more than adequate at covering for Tyreke Evans.

Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose. In five years time, who’s the better player? Who’s got more finals appearances? I can’t wait to find out.

Kevin Durant with 30 points…times 82, and there’s your scoring champ!

Mike Conley has continued his fine form from the tail end of last season, but Zach Randolph didn’t. Darrell Arthur and Sam Young, two second round picks by the Grizzlies, combined for 36 points. For Atlanta, I don’t care because nothing they do matters! It’s first round – second if they’re lucky – and out. We know the routine.

Dirk Nowitzki truly is one of a kind. Seven foot, can shoot, is white, German and defies the age rule of “you get worse when you get older”. Class act.

Houston and Golden State score 260 points between them, which is mind blowing until you consider it’s Golden State. Does that make Monta Ellis’ 46 points any less special? No, not one bit. 46 points is 46 points. Shout out to Kevin Martin for his 17-17 at the line, impressive. Also impressive is Luis Scola and the recent run of games he’s had. Was on fire at the World’s, and begins his NBA season with 36 and 16. If he was 6 years younger, how highly would we rate him on the NBA scale of greatness?

Blake Griffin is awesome.

Thursday, 28th October

You’re damn right the Orlando Magic are pretty good. How much longer do we keep them under the radar as regards championship contenders? People are quick to rattle off Miami and Boston, rightly so, but surely Orlando deserves a mention?

Up next for the Magic is a road game against Miami. I’m personally tipping the Magic here, and comfortably. Feed Dwight Howard, feed him again and again. Use the big fella. There are around 8-10 players in this league who pose a nightmare matchup for the Heat, and Howard heads the list. I want to see Dwight demand the ball every possession, I want to see him drop 40 points and grab 20 rebounds, or he can forget the Superman nickname for me. Get it done big fella.

And Finally..

So, Wednesday night at the Q. Em…maybe Byron Scott knows what he’s talking about? Maybe the Celtics were tired? Maybe we had a good night and they had an off night? Or, maybe just, we’re actually not that bad. Our best players the last two years have been Mo Williams and the other guy. Wednesday night we had neither, we had a new coach, a new system and a new point guard. I’m not jumping the gun here, but a victory over the battle tested Celtics with all the above obstacles is impressive.  JJ Hickson is impressive, and that stat line of 21 points on 8-11 shooting is something we should become accustomed to.

A road game in Toronto and a home visit from the Kings over the next two days, am I being too expectant when I say 3-0? I’m not? Good. Go Cavs!

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