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Going forward, we’ll be posting a link list weekly composed of some of the links we’ve read and liked throughout the week.  If you have anything you’d like us to link to, send it my way.  Have a great weekend everybody, and if you happen to hit a card show, maybe see about picking up this gem…

Appreciate you saying this Rick, I cosign: Chicago Tribune: Shut your pieholeWaiting For Next Year, Rick

Fargo in the mix for LeBron?  Don’t laugh…okay, maybe laugh:  City of Fargo Hoping to Lure NBA team by signing LeBronReal Fake Sports, Andy

So that’s one guy not talking about it, ahh, progress:  Stupid Time Needs Hero: Barkley… – Cleveland Frowns, Pete

Its going to get much worse before it gets any better:  The LeBron Tracker…Really?Thuder Treats, DiLo

I said on Sunday I was staying as far away from this as possible, however this is a responsible report worth reading:  The Gloria James Rumors – Waiting For Next Year, Craig Lyndall

Podcast with Deadspin’s Will Leitch and our good friend Jerod Morris is worth a listen:  MSF Podcast with Will LeitchMidwest Sports Fans, Jerod

Sandy Dover checks in with former OSU Buckeye’s guard Danny Peters amidst his quest to become a college coach:  San Dova SpeakeasySLAM Online, Sandy Dover

Now it makes sense!  Possible Explanations: The Micheal Jordan Hitler MustacheSB Nation, Spencer Hall

And in case you missed it, Glenn’s interview with SI’s Chris Ballard:  The Dugout Sports Show, Glenn

So does John Wall mean the Wiz are dealing Gilbert?  What’s a productive trade for Gilbert Arenas?  – Bullets forever, Mike Prada

Mark Cuban and LeBron James:  LeBron Talked about by Mavericks owner – The Plain Dealer, Mary Schmitt Boyer


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