GM Survey Recap

So has released the results of the annual GM survey it holds, you know, every year. Some of the things asked are pretty basic, like who’ll win MVP, which team will have the meanest defense, but wouldn’t it be great if they it spiced it up a little? “Hey Sam Presti, if you really really had to shoot an opposing player, who would it be?” “Well David, I guess I’d wipe out Rashard Lewis.” I don’t know, I’m just guessing here. Other questions you’d have to ask would be ones like “Hey Mr. Kahn, out of all GM’s league wide, who’s the worst on draft night?”. I’m already after submitting my application to Mr. Stern for role of “survey question maker” for next season; something I think should be supported in full by everyone who reads this. Yes, all thirteen of you. Anyways, onto the actual survey and its “findings”…

A whopping 66% of GM’s chose the LA Lakers as your NBA Champions for the 2010-11 season, so we’re looking at three-peat city once more in LA. The only way, and I mean only way we don’t see LA back in the Finals is if one of three things happen;

–         Kobe’s knee really is that bad

–         Kevin Durant takes a leap nobody has ever taken before and just blows away everybody

–         Ron Artest

I’d put my house on LA returning to the Finals as the West Coast representative this season; they’re just too strong. Bynum goes down; ok we’ll switch Lamar over, get Matt Barnes more minutes or use one of our under-the-radar rookies Derrick Caracter a tad more than expected. Fisher gets tired? Cool, we’ll go half court with Blake or push the hell out of it with Shannon Brown. God I hate LA…

70.4% reckon we’re looking at Miami as the Eastern Conference Champions. I’ll jump on board with the other 29.6% and say that they won’t…no, I’m not being bitter actually.

The Southeast division, which could have two of the top 4 teams in the league in it, is also favoring the Heat. Orlando went from 92.6% in 2009 to 25.9% in 2010, thank you free agency!!

3.6% for the Suns to win the Pacific is 3.5% too high in my books.

Al Jefferson was voted as the most underrated player acquisition this off-season, I personally would have went with Darren Collison (10.7% did) as he’ll make Indiana improve more than Jefferson will the Jazz.

Wesley Matthew’s contract with the Blazers received 11.5% of votes in the category of “most surprising move of the off season”. I would have went with Amir Johnson getting a kajillion dollars off Toronto in a panic move, that has to win every time.

LeBron James did not receive a single vote for “best perimeter defender”. Neither did Chris Paul (tops or near enough in steals every year). Tony Allen however, did. Just saying. I know he did pretty well last year against us last season, but really?

Boston received 75% of the votes for best defensive team. How low does that number drop if they lose Garnett? Alternatively, how much does it rise if they had kept hold of defensive dynamo Tony Allen?

No surprise to see Mr. James on top of the “most athletic player” survey, one person however I feel that should have at least gotten even just the one vote is Dwyane Wade. Is Kobe Bryant more athletic than Flash? Heck, JaVale McGee got a vote, but not the dude who does this?? One more than one occasion? Please.

Dumbest question on the survey? “Purest Shooter”. Until Ray Allen stops playing basketball – anywhere – this category is irrelevant.

The “Which player is fastest with the ball category” was pretty interesting, Rose winning out, ahead of CP3, Westbrook, Rondo and Wall. In the next five years, surely Wall takes over top spot? Then again there were guys who didn’t even finish in the top five in voting – Ty Lawson, Jennings, Aaron Brooks – who have no problem getting up and down the court. Give me Wall v Rose over 100 yards with a basketball any day instead of Bolt v Gay.

One of my favorite categories was “does the most with least” category. Topped by Luis Scola, my vote would have gone to Kevin Durant. But you’d also have to alter the question to “player that does the most with the least amount of body weight in the NBA ever”.

Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant finished 1st and 2nd in “toughest player in the NBA”. I’m assuming for completely different reasons…Bryant competitively, Artest to deal with mentally.

Couldn’t agree more with Patrick Patterson topping “most likely rookie to be a “sleeper” success”. Luke Harangody is basically a more athletic version of Brian Scalabrine so could get some game time in Boston and be DeJuan Blair-esque. My vote would have gone to Greg Monroe; people just don’t understand how skilled this guy is.

Which rookie is the most athletic? John Wall came out tops, but anybody who saw the impromptu dunk contest at the rookie photo shoot will tell you Terrico White. Well, not now he’s not

Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich dominated the coaches’ section – understandably so – but why the hell didn’t they grow a pair and like I said at the start, ask more invasive questions? “So Mr. Sterling, how drunk were you when you let them bring in Vinny Del Negro?”

Lawrence Frank finished 6th in the “best assistant coach” category. Em, can I just ask so how they felt about him when he was an actual head coach, and not just an assistant? I think they should go find out the answer on that and come back to us.

Cavs v Bobcats

Antawn Jamison went 1-9 in 21 minutes of action, yet still had the best plus/minus of any player on the court.

Boobie went 0-4 from 3pt range yet still led us in scoring, which for me, is huge. If he can get points in other ways apart from his patented three-point shooting that could be massive for us.

17 and 9 for JJ Hickson…now JJ, only another 88 games of that kind of production if you wouldn’t mind.

25 points in the second half, 72 overall. I don’t care who or when you’re playing, those numbers defensively are pretty good.

I reckon 80% from the free throw line is an all-time Cavalier high.

Anybody else getting worried about Danny Green and his “development”. I mean, it’s not like he didn’t get a game time, he logged 23 minutes but only 1 point. Danny, buddy – it’s time to step up.

On Larry Bird being a “target” in Cavs coaching search this summer

One last thing before I leave you, I’m sure by now we’ve all heard the Larry Bird story. The one where we went to him with an offer of being our coach, he turned it down, and then we got Byron Scott. Anybody else really happy it ended up that way? Larry Bird is an absolute legend, but would he really be the guy who would have impressed LeBron to the extent where it made him stay? I don’t think so. And who’s to say he would have fit in with what we’re trying to achieve? I know he did a phenomenal job with the Pacers when he coached them, but that was a decade ago, and when a guy rules out something due to family reasons, you know its for definite. Larry Bird as new head coach would have looked great for PR and making headlines, but on the court? I don’t think so…

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