Izzo to the Cavs?

What does LeBron James think of Coach Tom Izzo?  Or more directly, would LeBron want to play for him? 

See, those two questions are what essentially takes out any “fun” there would be as fans in speculating the merits of possible candidates to fill your team’s vacancies.  And while we may not know those answers for some time, we can be pretty sure we know one thing this morning: Dan Gilbert likes Izzo. 

And, according to Bob Finnan of The News Herald, he’d like him to coach his team…

“In fact, they’ve already made him an offer to be their coach, the source said. It’s going to take a lot of money to convince Izzo to leave the confines of the college ranks…The Cavs’ recruiting efforts have been done behind the scenes. The source said Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wants Izzo desperately…Yahoo! Sports reported on Sunday Izzo is the Cavs’ No. 1 priority, and that was confirmed by The News-Herald.”

Now first off, to conclude my point, this coaching search this time isn’t about what a guy has shown the ability to do in the past so much as it is about if playing for that coach will entice LeBron to stay.  So the tricky thing here with that is to be able to find a coach with a pedigree and track record of success that would – also – entice LeBron James to stay.  So is Izzo a guy like that?  I’d say absolutely, and be glad to take my chances. 

As a college basketball fan I enjoy watching the way Izzo coaches his teams, conducts himself, and runs his program.  I like the guy, and I think he could make the leap whereas others hadn’t.  I know some big names made the jump in the past without success, but Tom Izzo’s no Mike Montgomery, and he’s no Rick Pitino or even John Calapari for that matter.  I’d be all for the hire.  But would LeBron? 

You’d have to assume he’d give Izzo a go if Dan Gilbert wants him desperately.  And for other names rumored to be on LeBron’s list such as the aforementioned Cal and World Wide’s new coaching client who took the Chicago job over the weekend?  I mean I’d take Izzo over the former Celtics assistant that’s never had a head coaching job in the NBA, as well as over a college coach who’s an ‘example of why college coaches can’t make the jump the NBA’ in Calapari also.  So if those are three names on LeBron’s list, I’d say Izzo’s the best of the three, even though one is no longer an option. 

So in summary, I’d be fine with Tom Izzo, a bit more than fine.  But would LeBron be, and could it happen?  Well the could it happen part may be answered sooner than later, so we’ll see…more on this later…

Brendan Bowers

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