JoeTait: “Less handshakes, more hard work”

The legend behind the microphone had an interesting comment prior to Thursday night’s Cavs vs. Celtics tilt in Beantown.  Tait rarely gets into the analytical side of the broadcast, and wasn’t prompted,  so it was a bit surprising to hear his take:  The Cavaliers need to focus less on the pre game handshakes between themselves and their opponent, and instead turn their attention to working hard on the basketball court.

Tait has seen his share of basketball games, and knows when a team needs to turn things up on the defensive end.  Personally I could care less about the pre game hugs, handshakes, and rituals, but I’ve heard Tait speak out against this multiple times this season.  I think Joe’s a good 40 years older than I am, so that may explain our difference of opinion.  However, we are on the same page when it comes to bringing the hard hats and lunch pails more consistently. While the first half was disappointing on the defensive end, the 2nd half was played extremely well.  Rondo got trapped, Allen got smothered, and KG, Big Baby and Rasheed got neutralized.

That’s what Joe Tait’s talking about.

Have a GOOD NIGHT, everybody!

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