Just A Thought But…

Couple things been playing out on my mind these past few days, so I thought what better way get them off my chest then by typing them out and boring you guys to tears with them. I’m a start off with our Cavaliers…

I like the effort we put on the floor against the Wade-ettes, I thought on another night against a team not of that caliber we’d have snapped the losing skid for sure. Things don’t exactly ease up over the next 11 days or so – Pacers tonight followed by notable games against the rolling Knicks and MVP candidate Amare Stoudemire, a chance to avenge the drubbing dished out by the Timberwolves and a visit from Superman and the Magic. It’s a tough way to see out 2010 but with four of the next six at home, look for us to end the skid and hopefully steady the ship.

Who would you rather see traded if we were to pull a move out of the woodwork – Mo Williams or Antawn Jamison? According to the always brilliant Sam Amico, the Cavs could “trade Jamison tomorrow”. Also according to Amico, Gibson is the untouchable one in the backcourt. Personally, even though I like the guy a lot, Tawn plus a pick or two, bit of the trade exception should almost certainly get us something back. Maybe take part in a Melo deal that would facilitate others but benefit us.

Anthony Randolph…he’d look pretty good in a Cavs uniform right?

My sweet suffering divine lord I know you’ve seen this already but screw it it was awesome! Dunked out of the goddamn building, that was just nasty. Blake Griffin has ruined that foreign guy with the Knicks rookie season; Smith may have just done the same to Gary Neal (not literally ruined it but you know what I mean).

Yao Ming and Greg Oden…I don’t even have to write anything else because every Rocket and Blazer follower just cringed. Still, if I’m Dan Gilbert I’m ringing Greg Oden next summer and offering him a 3-year, $10 million dollar deal. If the Blazers match it so be it, if they don’t well then we’ve Greg Oden. Colour me foolish but I still believe that he can be a dominant NBA player; he just needs adequate time and the correct rehabilitation program to get there. He always seemed to rush back with the Blazers, give the fella some time, make him play 10 minutes a night for a month in the D-League, anything. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

I really hope the Hornets stay in New Orleans; it would mean so much to a city that has come so far.

Speaking of coming so far, I’m truly impressed at the way Dan Gilbert has refrained from writing any more letters. Seriously though, I was really expecting a fully blown, comic sans fonted rant before the HEAT game. But he held back, he didn’t get out the Macbook and start typing so maybe he’s over the whole fact that number 23 dissed the whole organisation and rode out of town.

I almost kept a straight face typing that last sentence.

The first return from the All Star voting has been tallied, few things that I can’t get my head around; Caron Butler received around 15,000 more votes than Kevin Love did. Butler has a season high of 23 points and has topped the 20-point plateau just twice. Kevin Love had a 30 and 30 game, has tallied 15 or more rebounds 17 times and is shooting 40% from beyond the arc and 88% from the charity stripe. How does that make sense? Another thing, Chris Paul has twice the votes Deron Williams does. Finally, three voting totals that mystify me are Vince Carter and his 117,628 votes (one for every possession this season where he’s done nothing at all), Ben Wallace’s 21,858 (the number of times they thought about giving him the ball in the post and thought against it) and last but not least Gilbert Arenas’ 88,599 votes (one for every gun he owns) “earned”.

For the sake of it, my All Star Teams right now would look like this;

East – Rondo, Rose, LeBron, Garnett, Howard

West – Williams, Paul, Durant, Nowitzki, Gasol

Yes, I have indeed left out Kobe Bryant but you know something, for me Chris Paul and Deron Williams have had better seasons, plain and simple. Dwyane Wade hasn’t been as consistently brilliant as either Rondo or Rose so I wouldn’t have him as my starter.

On the flip side of things, my All Bust teams would look like this;

East – Bibby – Jackson – Wallace – Johnson – Mozgov

West – Davis – Roy – Turkoglu – Jeffries – Dalembert

Thank god for self esteem reasons those second string of teams will never ever be made part of All Star weekend, no matter how funny it would be watching Donald Sterling abuse Baron Davis while laughing hysterically for 48 minutes as every basketball watcher in the world gazed on in utter bemusement.

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