Chicago wants LeBron, and Cavs want Larry Brown?

Feel free to launch a half dozen or so eggs at this billboard on your way by the next time you visit the Windy City:

The billboard plea was financed by a group of Bulls fans and is currently up in downtown Chicago. 

But that doesn’t really bother me so much as this guy’s next plan does…that being to put one up in Akron as well prior to July 1.  There has to be some type of local laws or covenants governing against that type of behavior, and I’m sure if any Ohio-area politician allows this type of sign to go up in their district they will never be elected to anything again, but we’ll keep you posted should anything develop. 

Larry Brown to the Cavs? In other news and rumors, late Tuesday afternoon Marc Stein indicated the Cavaliers have interest in the Coach that benched LeBron during the Olympics in favor of Stephon Marbury.  From Stein

“…But Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, sources say, has not surrendered hope of securing a big-name NBA veteran. With Van Gundy intent on staying in TV, it’s believed that big name is Larry Brown, whom Cleveland chased in 2005 before hiring Mike Brown.”

Now I know Dan Gilbert was in Detroit with ties to the Pistons during their title runs orchestrated by Larry Brown, and I understand the connection, but there is no way the NBA’s most nomadic coach is the way to go here, big name or otherwise.  In addition to that, I can’t really imagine that Larry Brown is the big name the Cavs are after, but who knows I suppose.

Brendan Bowers

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