Skills of a Batman and Heart of a Robin

I’m not mad at LeBron James personally, not angry with him, just disappointed.  I’m actually not most disappointed by the fact that he left the Cavaliers either, or even the fact that he shoved an Art Modell sized knife directly into the back of the community he came up in before a national audience.  I’m mad about all that to be sure, but not disappointed.  Anger aside though, what hurts the most about this whole thing is that we – Northeast Ohio – thought this guy was the “chosen one.”  We got excited when Dick Vitale called “our guy,” the kid from Akron, “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” on national television eight years ago.  Well, at least I did.  And that was long before I ever knew, or thought, he’d be a Cavalier.  That was when I believed in the kid.  That was when I was rooting for him to make it.  That was when I thought he was the truth.  But the real truth is, no matter how you try to spin it, LeBron James has the skills of a Batman and the heart of a Robin.  Plain and simple.  He wants to be Robin to Dwayne Wade’s Batman, and believes he “needs” Dwayne Wade to win a championship because he doesn’t think he can win one on his own.  Which is a real shame.

Brian Windhorst tweeted prior to the announcement that there wasn’t a lot of family and friends with him at the time of the show.  There were also reports that Chris Paul – arguably he’s best friend in the NBA – was pulling for him to re-up with Cleveland earlier in the day, along with reports that the RMR portion of his LRMR camp was divided on the decision.  What all this tells me is what I already know.  Deep down, there’s something inside LeBron James that tells him he’s not good enough to win a title on his own.  That he believes he can’t do it.  That he needs Dwayne Wade to win a title, and that any concern for his image by winning “with somebody else” is out-weighed by his fear that he’ll come up empty if he tries to go it alone.  I think his camp saw that.  I think they couldn’t believe it.  I think they hoped he’d reconsider, and find enough self-esteem and pride to believe that he is the most gifted athlete to ever play this game.  But instead he chose a cowardly out at the age of 25.  He didn’t believe in what everyone else believed in, himself.

Let’s also not forget as Cavs fans that Dan Gilbert and company did everything they could for this guy.  The talk of how awful this Cavaliers roster is might be the biggest absurdity of this whole thing.  Two months ago, the consensus was that the Cavaliers had the deepest and most talented roster in the NBA.  Then, all of the sudden it’s awful?  This team combined for over 120 wins the last two seasons.  This past season, they had the Celtics beat should LeBron James choose to not be outplayed by Rajon Rondo.  Should LeBron James not choose to go away and hide when it mattered most.  But he did go away and allow himself to be outplayed, and the Cavaliers not winning this year is because of LeBron James.  That’s on him, it’s part of his legacy, and it’s part of his laughable “brand” forever.  

So for however many titles he ends up winning in Miami – should they win any – Dwayne Wade will always have one more title than his sidekick LeBron.  And to all the people I used to argue with over the last few years who told me Dwayne Wade was better than LeBron James, I apologize whole heartedly.  You were right.  LeBron James is nothing more than a glorified Vince Carter, he’s a chump and a fraud, and that crown he tries to style is just not befitting of that king he claims to be.  So just thanks for the memories ‘Bron ‘Bron, and best of luck to you down there, I hope you find that “happiness” you’re looking for.  Cleveland will survive, and that Akron you claim to love, they’ll be good too.  We’re just disappointed that you’ll never be what everybody thought you would be…the best to ever do it…because by making this move, you are admitting that you’re not.  Not even in the discussion anymore.

Brendan Bowers

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