So about that left handed free throw…

LeBron’s answer to David Aldridge’s question about what’s wrong with his elbow during TNT post-game interview:

“I don’t know.  We’re trying to figure it out.  I was able to, on my day off, get an MRI, get some X-Rays, its nothing structural that we could find, so hopefully it just continues to get better.  But when it hits your funny bone, I just can’t feel it sometimes.” 

LeBron James

And I can’t help but wonder what would’ve caused Cavs fans to panic more.  This injury concern highlighted by the left-handed free throw late, or if the Cavs actually would’ve lost this one tonight and we all remained unaware of the MRI LeBron just had on his elbow.

Update from LeBron at post game press conference:  

“It’s not that serious…Cleveland has no reason to panic.”

Check back for more on Game 5 of Cavs – Bulls, as well as a look ahead to the Celtics series later on…

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