Thoughts on the firing of Mike Brown…

Seemingly hours before the $4.5 million guarantee was set to kick in, Mike Brown got kicked to the curb by Cavaliers ownership.  No shock here, or anywhere around Cleveland on this one, despite the fact that when you look at it on paper there should be.  All the guy did on paper was win 272 games, the Coach of the Year, the Eastern Conference Finals, and post the league best regular season record twice over the last two seasons all in the  short period of 5 years as HC.  But in a league where the big money’s made in the playoffs, Mike Brown’s team failed to advance to the Finals last season, and the ECF this past one when pitted against a team that was widely considered anciently old, playing with one foot in the grave…or where they?  

Whatever the case, its over, Mike Brown’s out, and let the who’s going to coach now questions fly.  Couple things on those questions briefly before I expand on that later – one, I bet Mike Brown gets a head job in the Association next season…mark that down.  And two, if the Cavs should end up not resigning LeBron James, it may be difficult / impossible to land a head coach that will do a better job next season than Mike Brown would have done had he been retained.  Did the move have to be made however?  Yes, it probably did.  And Dan Gilbert being “the driving force behind the decision” to me indicates that Gilbert’s not thinking about the issues of attracting a head coach sans LeBron.  He’s still all in, and probably made this move with James in mind – despite the fact that LeBron “did not make a personal push with management for the coaching change.”  So we’ll see what’s up next for the Cavaliers as they now enter the coaching carousel just as the summer of LeBron is set to begin…should be interesting.  In the meantime though, best of luck to Mike Brown, and a sincere tip of the hat from all of us here at Stepien Rules.

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