Cavs Media Day: some thoughts, quotes, and pictures

I stopped by Cleveland Clinic Courts on Monday for Media Day but unfortunately my staff photographer called off sick leaving me to take the pictures posted below.  I’m pretty sure my photog skills won’t have SI knocking down my door anytime soon, but I thought I’d post them anyways.

 jamison 1

What I took away most from media day was the sense of two conflicting sentiments which were both expected and understandable amongst Cavs players at this point.  From the younger guys you could definitely hear and sense the optimism fueled by not only their hunger to make their marks on this team and the league, but also the excitement about the opportunity they’re presented with through this rebuilding process. 








From some of the older vets, today wasn’t like it was this time last year and they said as much.  It’s a new day means new expectations, new teammates, and new playbooks.  

Antawn Jamison talked about the chance he had last season for a title after twelve years in the league, and now shifting his focus towards helping the young guys learn and understand Byron Scott’s new offense.  

Mo Williams, meanwhile, mentioned multiple times through a flurry of metaphors that the past is the past, essentially.  
 jawad 1







I didn’t really talk to Jawad Williams, but if this picture – while blurry – is any indication, he appeared ready to go.   

I did talk to Ramon Sessions and asked him if the Cavs were a playoff team this season to which he replied, “it’s way to early to talk about the playoffs right now”, however he didn’t sound like he was discounting the idea completely.

For whatever it’s worth too, I did walk away from the conversation with Ramon really looking forward to watching him take the floor for this team this season.

But while Ramon wouldn’t call the Cavs a playoff team quite yet, others did. 

Leon Powe said, “I think we are a playoff team this season, I really do.”

Joey Graham talked about this opportunity with the Cavs “being a chance for me to be the franchise type player”  that some thought he could be when he was drafted in 2005. 

He said his “goal is to be a starter”, and admitted laughingly that he wanted to be “one of those guys up on the billboards.”

Mo Williams also did talk about last year in saying that “LeBron did not quit in the playoffs,” as well as talking about the Yahoo story and all that stuff.  As far as this year, he did say “we could be a scary basketball team this season,” adding “it’s fun to be doubted.” 

Mo also confirmed that he would be “healthy and ready to go on opening night” when our buddy Scott from WFNY asked him about his groin injury.

Ramon Sessions also said “he can’t wait to get up and down the floor,” and is “excited to play alongside Mo.” 

In regards to the 216, Antawn Jamison said he likes it, kind of, in saying “I know a lot of people speak a certain way about Cleveland, but it’s growing on me.”


That’s all I got for now, other than the fact that up close the new uniforms look sweet.  I liked them when I first saw them, but seeing them today made me like them even more.  I liked last season’s unis too, don’t get me wrong, but I honestly like this year’s even better. 

I’ll have more later…theoretically some audio from Ramon Sessions including a few of my questions, and a video I took as well.  That’s assuming I am successful uploading either or both.  Be back soon, hopefully.

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