Cavs – Kings: minute w/ Manny, Mo out till Tuesday, and a 3rd quarter collapse as Cavs fall 107-104

Manny Harris was undrafted out of Michigan, but he’s now an official member of the Association. 

In a game last night most Cavs fans would like to forget, Manny Harris made his NBA debut.  He scored eight points on 3 of 4 from the floor, grabbed two rebounds, had two assists and a steal.  He’s been on the active roster for the first two, and is again tonight. 

I caught up with Manny for a minute prior to the Sacramento game tipping off…

Stepien Rules: Congrats on the debut last night, hows that feel?

Manny Harris: It feels good, but for me it’s really just a step closer to my dream.  It was a tough game for us last night, and I know I just have to work hard and learn more and more every game with every opportunity.

Stepien Rules: Did you get a lot of calls or text messages last night?

Manny Harris: No, not really, just my mother, my brother, and that’s was about it.

Stepien Rules: What are your thoughts going into tonight?

Manny Harris:  I’m not going into tonight expecting anything, I’m just gonna be ready when my name gets called.  If it’s not called, I’m going to continue to prepare, and hopefully we get this win.  

Byron Scott expects Mo to make debut on Tuesday at home against ATL

Byron Scott on Mo Williams pregame: 

“Mo Williams will not play tonight.  More than his injury, this is more about me being over cautious. I’ve had experiences in the past bringing players back when they said they were ready, and it ended up being too soon.  I want to give Mo the night off tonight, get him a day off tomorrow, full day of practice Monday, and have him ready to go for his debut on Tuesday.”

First Half Thoughts: 

The Cavs had two guys in double figures last night (Antawn and AP) and they have already four guys tonight in double figures.  Sessions has more than the leading scorer from last night already with 14, Daniel Gibson with 13, AP with 12, JJ with 11.  I was particularly impressed with Hickson coming right back at the rim after getting his shots rejected twice in triumphant fashion early, and was encourged by the fact that it didn’t bother him.  Lotta offense so far, Cavs look good.  I think they like playing at home.

Cavs get beat 31-15 in 3rd quarter, lose 107-104 to the Kings: 

The first two quarters really couldn’t be scripted any better tonight for the Cavaliers.  The third one though?  Well it probably couldn’t have been written any worse.  The Cavs shot 35% from the field, the Kings shot it 59%.  The Cavs had six rebounds, Sacramento thirteen.  The Kings made ten field-goals, Cavs five.  On and on, it was as bad as the first two were good and eventually erased a lead that was fourteen points after Hickson hit for his eleventh first half point to make it 67-53 at the break.  

Byron Scott after the Game on the 3rd quarter meltdown:

“So far the third quarter’s have been terrible for us. The Boston game, Toronto game, and again tonight [Saturday] having a 14-point lead I thought we took a big exhale, instead of coming out with the attitude of going up by twenty.  

This is something we are going to continue to work on. 

I gotta look at what we’re doing when we come out in the third quarter. I gotta look at how we’re warming up, are we flip out there, are we serious, I don’t know yet and I gotta take a look at it myself.

The third quarter right now is our nemisis, and we gotta have a different attitude.”

Daniel Gibson postgame, on how to correct the 3rd quarters:

“Individually, I would think that I could try be more vocal.  When guys are getting out there to start the second half, I can try to get guys more warmed up and more hyped.

It’s just as much about how we start the game, as we gotta come out in the third quarter, and it’ll take a total team effort.”

Ramon Sessions – who finished with a team and game high 21 on 9 of 13 from the field – on the third quarters as well:

“We just have to be ready to roll when it starts.  The first five that are out there, the guys coming up off the bench, we gotta just be ready to go. 

Every third quarter’s not going to be perfect.  We need to get out, and just play hard.”

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