Mike Brown’s your Coach of the Month

Mike Brown gets more than his fair share of heat, and I’m glad his efforts thus far this season were recognized with the Coach of the Month award that was announced Monday.  He deserved the award.  His team went 14-3 during that stretch, and more than that, it appears he has – already – successfully incorporated a number of new pieces and parts into his complex defensive system that is currently holding opponents to a league best 42% from the floor.  But more than reference the award, I wanted to take a moment to say that Mike Brown’s a good coach, and more than that, I’ll argue he’s the best coach possible for the job he currently holds.  I didn’t say best coach in the NBA, but I have, and do think he’s the best fit for this Cavalier job and have no problem taking my chances with him at the helm going forward.  Coaching in the NBA, coaching LeBron James at times, managing stars like Shaquille O’Neal, and navigating through situations like that of Delonte West’s aren’t as easy as picking up a controller and playing NBA 2K10. I think a lot of the knocks against Mike Brown aren’t really all that fair, and I’m glad to see him garner some positive pub.  If you want to blame Brown for the offense stagnating at times because LeBron is pounding the ball on the perimeter, than you have to credit Brown for getting LeBron to buy into his defensive philosophies and principals.  Or credit him for being smart enough pick his battles.  Do you think he actually draws up on the dry erase board for everybody to stand around and have LeBron dribble at the top of the key until the shot clock goes down to one and then tells him to shoot it then?  Or do you think they’re standing around because LeBron’s not doing what everybody just talked about?  Just asking.  Fact is, LeBron’s not going to run every play Mike Brown calls, or do everything Mike Brown says, he’s a mega star, he doesn’t have to.  But Mike Brown is able to find a balance within that, and I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves for things like that.  Windhorst made the point about a month ago saying that if a guy like Larry Brown were the Cavaliers’ coach LeBron would have run him out of town in a year.  And frankly, that doesn’t make LeBron wrong, or Larry Brown wrong it just means that situation wouldn’t work.  But Mike Brown has mostly worked, does mostly work, and I hope he continues to work his way to an NBA title…or else I will be mostly writing for days on end about how he should be fired immediately.

Brendan Bowers

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