An agreement and response to disagreements

Our friend Mike over at’s Cavs HQ was in a disagreeable mood yesterday in case you missed it.  He made reference to a handful of statements made over the last week or so surrounding the Cavaliers, and presented a respectful response to those arguments he chose to engage.  Among those points he counterpointed (read as a verb) was my take on J.R. Smith from last Monday.  Conveniently waited until Smith was investigated for choking a dude out to strengthen your case I see Mike.  Anyways, I’ll get into that below, but I first wanted to reference his response to Mo Williams on the LeBron James friendship thing.  

In summary, I could not agree more.     

Mo Williams on LeBron James:  “Obviously our friendship is beyond basketball.”

Mike from Cavs HQ:
“Yes, Mo, your relationship with LeBron James is beyond basketball.  That’s why the only reason you had your deep, heart-to-heart talk with LeBron was because your plane was delayed and you happened to be at the airport at the same time as LeBron.  I understand that you don’t want to burn your bridges with the most powerful player in professional sports, but I don’t know why you have to try to convince yourself and the fans that you and LeBron are good friends.  You were co-workers.  That’s it.”

He pretty much nailed it.  I repeat “that is why the only reason you had your deep, heart-to-heart talk with LeBron was because your plane was delayed and you happened to be at the airport at the same time as LeBron.”  That’s hilarious.  So Mo, the message here is to get off this LeBron is my friend thing.  LeBron James clowned you all the way to South Beach.  In fact there were no ‘NBA people’ who were disrespected more than you, Mo, by the decision and the whole way it went down.  Dan Gilbert wasn’t betrayed or disrespected more than you were.  You were the best of the supporting cast.  You dunked on Paul Pierce’s head and won a playoff game to open the Boston series.  But it was too late by then.  Your “co-worker” had already clocked out because he didn’t believe in himself, and he especially did not believe in you.  Ramon Sessions is your friend.  LeBron James is not. 


In response to my JR Smith take Mike wrote the following:

No J.R. Smith, Please.  While the Denver Nuggets appear dead-set on trading All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony, another Nuggets player has been tossed about as another possible trade piece – shooting guard J.R. Smith.  And the Cavs should absolutely stay away.  If we were playing a video game, J.R. Smith would be a perfect fit for the Cavaliers.  

He could help carry the scoring load on a team missing 30 points per game from last season.  He could give the Cavs the size at the shooting guard position that they have been lacking.  And he is used to running the type of up-and-down system that the Cavs are hoping to implement this season under new coach Byron Scott.  The problem:  The guy is a headcase.  I could go on about how Smith always takes the easy way out on the court, jacking up bad shots (he shot just 41% from the field last year – that’s Larry Hughes-esque) and taking the team out of the offense.  But the real problem with Smith is that he refuses to act like an adult and find the maturity that will allow him to get the most out of his exceptional natural talents.  As if on cue, Smith is being investigated for an alleged altercation in the Nugget’s practice facility.  It will never stop with this guy.  He will always be in the news for the wrong reason, and that will always offset any good he can do for a team on the court.

In response, my video game playing days ended when I stopped being able to blow enough of the dust out of the cartridge to get Double Dribble to work for my Nintendo back in ’93.  Alright, I’m lying, I was a big fan of NBA 2K1 for Dreamcast but ever since then I hung up the controller.  I’m not exactly a “gamer” nor was I thinking like one when I mentioned J.R. Smith.

I’m just talking upside.  He is a massive headcase.  He very well could be the biggest headcase in the league.  But he has never been the man on any team in the NBA and who knows what would happen if he took the court knowing the offense was going through him.  Maybe he wouldn’t feel like he had to come off the bench forcing up as many shots as possible in the minutes allowed.

As far as Larry Hughes, yeah those numbers are Larry Hughes esque but nobody’s talking Larry Hughes contract dollars around here.  One year, $6 million.  Just taking a flier on a guy.  Does he have problems?  No doubt.  But he also would have the highest possible ceiling of anyone on the Cavaliers roster. 

And hey, since that choking incident, maybe the Cavs can get him for even less than before.  How many teams actually want to trade for a headcase, you know?  

Brendan Bowers

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