Stats of the Week: Featuring Maurice Williams

This week we will look at Maurice (no longer Mo*) Williams, and break down his numbers both before and after his recent shoulder injury… 




43 games, 1534 minutes (35.7/g), 253-557 FG (45.4%), 97-226 3FG (42.9%), 122-136 FT (89.7%), 145 rebounds (3.4/g), 225 assists (5.2/g), 52 steals (1.21/g), 734 points (17.1/g) and 1.32 points per shot.




11 games, 330 minutes (30.0/g), 44-126 FG (34.9%), 25-68 3FG (36.8%), 13-15 FT (86.7%), 23 rebounds (2.1/g), 50 assists (4.5/g), 6 steals (0.55/g), 117 points (10.6/g) and 0.93 points per shot.

Behind the Numbers: 

These are significant drops in every major category.  Some of this can be chalked up to Jamison arrival, but his drop in FGA is only 1.4 per game, which can account for a 1.8 point drop in his average (1.32 PPS x 1.4 FGA).  Additionally, he is actually shooting more three pointers post injury (6.2/g compared to 5.2/g).  So, while Jamison’s arrival can account for a small part of his scoring average drop, it is not even near the whole story.  The scary stat right now is his drop in points per shot, which has dropped to a very Larry Hughes like 0.93 (For reference, LeBron James is currently at 1.49 for this season).


What concerns me the most is the fact that his FTA/G have dropped from 3.16 to 1.36.  With Maurice’s free throw shooting ability, this is 2 points he is giving up.  He is playing tentative and is not driving to the basket shooting his “Mo-Flow’s” as AC would say.  Plus, I am a big believer of the theory that if you are struggling shooting, seeing the ball go through the basket is a way to break the slump.  Despite his recent struggles, Maurice has still made his free throws, and getting to the line could be a solution to his current shooting struggles.


On top of all this, Maurice has never been a great defender, but when he is scoring 17+ per game and hitting clutch three pointers, we can handle the occasional lapse.  The problem comes when he is scoring 10 points a game and letting up 17. 

Let’s look at the opponent’s starting point guard over the last 11 games:


Billups, Den: 18p, 8a, 1r

Felton, Cha: 16p, 6a, 2r

Nelson, Orl: 18p, 5a, 4r

Collison, NO: 22p, 10a, 4r

Rondo, Bos: 19p, 11a, 4r

Jack, Tor: 24p, 3a, 3r

Rodriquez, NY: 9p, 5a, 0r

Harris, NJ: 11p, 1a, 0r

Stuckey, Det: 8p, 10a, 2r

Jennings, Mil: 25p, 6a, 2r

Hill, SA: 23p, 4a, 3r


On average that is 17.5 points, 6.3 assists and 2.3 rebounds per game for the opposing PG over the last 11.  This is not a murderer’s row of Steve Nash, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Tony Parker we are talking about either.  Billups and Rondo are legit All-Stars but other than that, this has been a group of average point guards 


Here’s hoping Mo resurfaces soon, we will not make it far with him scoring only 10 points per game.


* Kyle Whitling was the first to suggest this name “demotion” and I will give credit where credit is due.

After the jump is an update on recent events regarding the Cavs statistical history, as well as the scoring title race…

Cavs Statistical History:


Anderson Varejao played his 9,000th minute as a Cavalier against the Spurs, becoming the 24th player in team history to do so.


With LeBron James missing the past two games, Anthony Parker is the only remaining player to appear in all the games so far this season.  The last Cavs player to appear in all 82 games was Eric Snow in the 2006-07 season.


LeBron James scored 40 points against the Pistons last Friday.  That was the 41st regular season game of 40+ points for James.  In Cavs history there have been 65 games of 40+ points and James now has had 63% of them.


Magic Number for clinching the Central Division Title is down to 4. 


Scoring Title Update: 


LeBron James

Current: 63 games, 1890 points, 30.00 PPG (+0.16 PPG change)

Last week: 1 game, 40 points, 40.0 PPG

Previous: 62 games, 1850 points, 29.84 PPG


Kevin Durant

Current: 63 games, 1867 points, 29.63 PPG (-0.02 PPG change)

Last Week: 3 games, 88 points, 29.3 PPG

Previous: 60 games, 1779 points, 29.65 PPG

Editor’s note: Dave Wooley is a statistical guru as well as a huge Blake Costanzo fan.  His works include a detailed history of CWRU football stats, and this is his third installment of his stats of the week series.  For part two, click here.  

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