The Maurice Williams Nickname Watch

Editor’s note:  On Thursday most of the Cavaliers , including Maurice Williams, rested in an attempt to avoid injury during a meaningless walk -thru with the Atlanta Hawks to close out the regular season.  This Saturday though, at 3pm against the Bulls right here in Cleveland, the postseason finally tips-off.  And while it is an opportunity for Cleveland to win its first title since 1964, it’s also a chance for Williams - according to Kyle – to do something else…win his nickname back.

In a previous stats of the week post penned by Dave Wooley here at StepienRules, he made note of the struggles that have plagued the artist formerly known as “Mo”, Maurice Williams, in the 2009-2010 season.  Maurice has struggled with injuries, new pieces in the offensive puzzle, and trying to facilitate rather than fill it up.  Couple this with a bad aftertaste from last season’s playoffs, and yours truly decided that action needed to be taken. 

That action: 

Retracting the nickname “Mo” and replacing it with his given name Maurice until he plays like the “Mo” that had such a great regular season last year.


I’ve decided to do this on a letter per game basis based on Maurice’s play in the playoffs.  Each performance deemed “Mo” worthy will have a letter taken away from M-A-U-R-I-C-E until we end up with M-O.   And I did win back-to-back district spelling bee championships in grade school, smart guy, so I know there isn’t an O in there.  If Maurice plays well enough to get it down to M-A, we’ll make a deal.

Check back right here during the playoffs for updates…

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