A message to LeBron…

You’ve worked hard and have immense talent and your Union has earned you the right to go wherever you wish as a free agent.  Cleveland’s not mad that you left.  We would have been disappointed for sure but not spitting venom as some of us are now.  It’s the way you went out.  I’ve heard for days now about how championships couldn’t be had here.  This is the biggest farce I’ve ever heard.  We had a championship team last year.  We swept the Lakers.  We matched up better with ORL than the year prior.  We lost to Boston because for whatever reason you didn’t bring it the way you are capable of.  You vanished.  In 5 of 6 games you were disinterested.  After watching game 3 how could anyone explain game 5?  Then when asked about it you respond “I’ve spoiled Cleveland for years?”  Lame.  We had a shot at a title plain and simple and you didn’t bring your A game.  There was no fire.  No passion. No interest.  I knew you were out the door the minute you tore your jersey off walking down the tunnel.

I don’t even care about “the decision” and all of it’s absurdity.  You’ll pay for that down the road as it had an opposite effect and trashed your brand when your high school buddies were just reaching for an easy publicity stunt.  I care that when we had our biggest moment and our best true look at a title you didn’t go hard.  You shrunk.  Maybe that’s why you latched on to this “superstar trio” idea.  Batman skills with a Robin mentality.  Good luck in Miami.  The transplants down there and the bandwaggoners will adore you.  The buzz will be incredible.  If you succeed down there, 50 years from now you’ll be a blip.  In Cleveland you would’ve been immortal.

Brendan Bowers

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