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The good people at Gray & Company Publishers were nice enough to send me a review copy of the latest book by Terry Pluto and Brian Windhorst: LeBron James; The Making of an MVP.  I read it, enjoyed it, and my thoughts on the book are below.  But in addition to that, and more importantly, they have also sent me three giveaway contest copies…which could be yours.  Details on how you can win one of those copies are below as well.

Book Review:

If you call yourself a Cavaliers fan, than a book you should have read by now is the first offering by Pluto and Windy – The Franchise.  If you still haven’t read that one, than shame on you, go buy it, and root for the Grizzlies until you’ve finished reading cover-to-cover.  But if you have read the Franchise, first know that there are still things that are highlighted in this book that you might not have known about the LeBron James story.  The most obvious of those involves the details that surrounded his MVP season a year ago.  But in addition to that, I found the stories discussed about LeBron’s time as a grade schooler with the Walker family as laid out in this book particularly interesting, and hadn’t heard much from the Walker family until now.  Other interesting storylines included LeBron’s first go-round with USA Basketball – where Larry Brown felt it necessary to sit LeBron, Wade and Anthony in favor of Stephon Marbury and a Bronze Medal (great coaching) – as well as his latest experiences highlighted by Olympic Gold this last time around.  The authors also provide a year-by-year comparison of LeBron James and Micheal Jordan’s careers, pointing out one fact in particular that is often overlooked by mainstream media: MJ didn’t win his first title until he was 28.  If you missed the birthday party, LeBron’s only 25.  This book also takes you back through LBJ’s early years, and discusses significant events that helped mold the player that accepted the MVP award last season, and in all likelihood the guy that will win it again this time around.  Ninety color photographs courtesy of the Plain Dealer are also included, as well as a Stepien Rules stamp of approval. 

How to Win a Free Copy:

First off, there are three giveaway copies available.  The way you win is easy: 

Email us your best Cavaliers related blog post.  Doesn’t have to be long, and can include any and all Cavalier related topics.  It can be funny, statistically driven, or just your opinion, only requirement is that its interesting.  

The best three will win a book, and I’ll also be posting the blog entries on Stepien Rules.  I could post your contest blog either anonymously, or with a link to your blog and/or twitter account – whichever you’d prefer.  Top three are winners though, and contest closes on Sunday February 28th.

Send your contest blog entries here:

Thanks again to Gray & Company Publishers for getting involved with us on this giveaway.

Good luck…and may the best three win!

To read a free sample chapter of this book in the meantime, click here.

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