New squad, same old Q…as Cavs win opener

What are WE supposed to do # twenty..errr 6? Move the franchise? Stop going to games? Assume the worse for our team because you showed us the worst in you? Nobody knows how this season will play out but I for one felt like I really didn’t care. I kept trying to tell myself screw it. Then I tuned in at 7:00 sharp, listened to one of my all-time favorite Eminem songs as a few lucky fans got to escort the new look Cavaliers onto the court one by one. Then the staring lineups were called and the crowd roared. And then it happened.

I cared again. Immediately. I was vested. Within minutes I was getting mad at refs again. I was sighing when loose balls bounced the wrong way. I jumped off my couch when Anthony Parker hit his 4th quarter three to extend our lead to five.  I couldn’t fool myself into believing the NBA was dead to me and apparently a lot of other folks were on board with me. His pictures are gone and the national spotlight left with him but the Q was very much alive. The “Let’s Go Cavs” chants sounded the same. The roar was the same each time we hit a three.

Cavaliers win home opener against the Boston Celtics

Photo Credit: John Kuntz / The Plain Dealer

Every time Andy displayed his hustle the crowd gave him his props the same as always. It’s ironic that Andy stepped into the last spot in the intros. He is the antithesis to Lebron. He doesn’t have out of this world athletic ability. He can’t really leap. He can’t out-anything you except out hustle you. That’s exactly the persona this new team is going to have to take on if they are going to achieve any level of success this year. They did that last night. They played hard. They played really hard. They played together as a team. They moved the ball. Their coach coached during timeouts and they listened. They ran actual plays. What I felt watching the Cavs beat Boston last night was different than any of the last few years. Those years I was full of excitement because I kept thinking that year was going to be the year it happens. I’m realistic enough to know that this is not that year. Last night I felt that while this may not be our best team or even close lately, it could be the team that I’m most proud of. And I think most Clevelanders will feel the same way as long as they keep leaving it out there. Don’t game 5 us and we’ll always have your back.

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