Newest Cav Ced Jackson takes in CSU game Friday

I’m a big fan of the Cavaliers using a 10-day contract on CSU grad Cedric Jackson, pictured below at the Cleveland State – Wisconsin Green Bay game tonight at the Wolstein Center.  I get into my reasons why I think it was a good move below…


UPDATE:  In meantime, as a heads up, I will be including Gary Waters and company’s thoughts in my Midwest Sports Fans article – which is posted here – about their ex-PG teaming up with the Cavs, and the impact of that news on their game tonight…they currently lead 45-33 with 11:48 to go.

But for now, I can report that my co-host for the Wine and Gold Pregame Podcast Show, Glenn Moore, did just ask Cedric Jackson an important question moments ago at the CSU game:

Glenn: “Has Delonte told you to bring the donuts to practice yet?”

Cedric: “Not yet.”

For complete audio of Glenn’s conversation with Cedric go here.


Coach Gary Waters on Cedric Jackson and the Cavaliers:

“In talking with the NBA guys,  Danny Ferry and all them, they’ve always thought  he had great future, and that’s why they kept him here this summer…right now, they’re in a little need, they just lost two guards [Mo Williams and Delonte West] in a matter of two days.   So they’re a little concerned.  I don’t know if there’s a prospect of him getting out onto the floor, but I do know this – primarily when you bring a guy in it is for practice, but they told him, hey we may have to get you in the game.”

For more from Gary Waters, as well as ex-teammate Norris Cole, check out my post that is up now at MSF.

SATURDAY UPDATE – Reasons Why Cedric Jackson was a good move by Cavaliers:

No need to panic: 

A collective gasp arose when the Mo Williamswill miss a month news was followed by so will Delonte, but two things here with that.  First, no Delonte won’t, reports are currently that he will miss about five games.  And two, even if he did, these guys – Mo and Delonte- will be back in a month or so.  They didn’t tear their ACL’s, and they are not out for the season.  The Cavs are a deep team, and in a second half of the season where they won’t have to travel as much, I think they can manage with these two guys out.  If it were the playoffs tomorrow – hyperventilate and start trying to trade everybody for anybody – but its not…and I’ll tell you right now Boobie’s gonna surprise some people here in the weeks to come. 

Cedric Jackson can play: 

Jonny Flynn was the point guard of Syracuse last season.  Ced Jackson the PG of CSU.  Ced’s team beat Flynn’s squad in Syracuse – and I think we can agree that Flynn had a bit more talent around him than did Jackson.  Flynn got drafted 6th by Minnesota.  Jackson’s squad then matched-up with Jeff Teague’s Wake Forest sqaud in the NCAA tournament.  Jackson looked like the can’t miss pro prospect in that game, and I challenge anyone to watch that again and say differently.  Jackson’s team won.  Teague got drafted 19th by the Hawks.  While playing HS basketball in New York, Gary Waters was then coaching at Rutgers.  He had two scholarships left, and two players to decide from:  Quincy Douby, or Cedric Jackson.  He gave it to Douby, who became a first round NBA pick.  Jackson ended up at St. John’s – about 80 years after St. Johns stopped mattering – and then transferred to CSU after a season. 

Its great for Cleveland: 

There isn’t too much glitz and glamour usually associated with the Horizon LeagueButler can tell a recruit that you can play for a team that is consistently in and around the top-25 and all but guarantee an NCAA berth year in and year out.  Other schools mostly need to focus on explaining to recruits where the hyphen goes in their schools name: Milwaukee- Wisconsin, Wisconsin- Green Bay, etc.  But now Cleveland State can say:  You want a shot at the NBA?  Because our PG’s there.  And we’ve sent a few other guys to the league too in Franklin Edwards (’81-’90 w/ Philly, LAC, Sac), Clinton Smith (’86-’91 w/ Golden State, Wash), Darren Tillis (’82-’84 w/ Boston, Cleveland, Golden State)…so why not you, recruit.

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